Goa: ‘Many calls from young girls worried about photos, videos leaked online’ | Goa News

PANAJI: The Cyber ​​Peace Foundation, in a session on online safety for women organized by the Goa State and National Commission for Women and Facebook, recommended caution when using social media: keep the account private, do not share the location and take quick action if a person’s image or video has been shared online without their consent.
“The content can be removed very easily by filling in some forms,” ​​said Janice Verghese, cybersecurity specialist and manager of communications and training at Cyber ​​Peace Foundation, while speaking in the online session on data privacy and network security. social.

The chairwoman of the state women’s commission, Vidhya Gaude, said that the commission during her tenure over the past year has received many reports of cybercrimes in which women and children are the main victims. Better training and a cybersecurity branch will aid in solving cybercrime cases, he said.
Several young women face the problem of image-based abuse when their photos and videos have been leaked online without their consent.
“If someone is in this situation, don’t blame or shame them. They are already in a difficult situation. It is common for family members to blame the girl for sharing private photos or videos, but it is not her fault. They did nothing wrong by trusting their partner or a person they loved. The only guilty person is the one who blackmails them and shares their photos, ”said Verghese.
The foundation receives calls in the middle of the night on its helpline number from young girls distressed because their photos and videos were leaked and they want to take extreme measures. “We don’t want anyone to take drastic measures. You are not wrong. You are just a victim. The guilty person is the person who blackmails you, ”he said.
He shared the case of a 22-year-old girl whose content was leaked on 23 pornographic sites by her partner from a previous relationship. With the help of the foundation, the girl managed to remove the content of 18 pornographic websites in two days and of the remaining five in the next few days.
“In a week all the content was removed. Police identified the man and action was taken against him. Don’t feel like things are out of control and that you can’t do anything about it, ”he said.
He advised victims to fill out the privacy violation form, abuse content removal form, or copyright violation forms provided by the platform and to do a Google search so that the methodology can be easily found.
The content from the adult websites will also be removed once the victim submits in the content removal form that the content was uploaded without consent, but they will have to go through a VPN to access the form on the adult website.
Even after the content was removed, he recommended reporting cases of break-ins, unauthorized use of photos to the police.
If the police refuse to register an FIR and if a person knows that a crime has occurred, she advised filing the complaint with the SP, the district magistrate who has powers to take a statement and order the police to investigate. One should not feel powerless, she said, suggesting contacting state and national women’s commissions that have the power to intervene if the police are not helping. There is also the 24 x 7 helpline of the national commission.
The Cyber ​​Peace Foundation team will also guide the victim on next steps while working closely with the police and government. “Do not suffer in silence. It is time for women to stand up and speak out, ”she said.
The foundation also recommended contacting the complaints officer on the social media platform.


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