‘GoldenEye 007’ Leaked Achievements Suggest the Nintendo 64 Classic Might Get an Xbox Release

Is GoldenEye 007 finally getting the remaster you deserve? The 1997 Nintendo 64 game, based on the 1995 James Bond movie Golden eye, became one of the best-selling titles on Nintendo’s console and has received credit for changing the first-person shooter genre as a whole. Many fans have begged for a GoldenEye 007 remake or emulation on Nintendo Switch. It seems that the new version could become a possibility, but not a Nintendo console. A recent list of leaked achievements seems to suggest that GoldenEye 007 it could come to Xbox one day in the future.

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in the 1995 movie poster for GoldenEye.

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in 1995’s ‘GoldenEye’ | Keith Hamshere / Getty Images

‘GoldenEye 007’ almost got a remake on Xbox Live Arcade in 2008

A decade after the release of developer Rare GoldenEye 007 On Nintendo 64, the studio began planning a remastering for Xbox Live Arcade. It was even close to completion, but rights issues related to James Bond licenses caused the project to collapse, according to Video Game Chronicles. The game never received an official release, although a fully playable ROM from the remaster circulated in early 2021.

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