Google Announces Favourite Chrome Extensions of 2021 to Download, Loom, Dark Reader, Toucan Among Top Picks

Google has released a list of hand-picked Chrome extensions from 2021 that it says help people stay virtually connected, get things done, and have fun on the go. There are 12 Chrome extensions in total that fall into different categories, based on the features they offer. These browser add-ons are intended to allow you to do more with Chrome by providing improved productivity and personalized experiences. They are also available for free download.

The list of 2021 Google’s Favorite Chrome Extensions has four distinct categories, namely “Communicate and Collaborate,” “Stay Productive,” “Virtually Learn,” and “Make (and Save) Some Changes.” All of these categories include extensions that are designed to help you stay connected virtually using Chrome.

Communicate and collaborate

One of the top Chrome extensions of 2021 chosen by Google is Loom. It allows you to record your screen, voice and face in videos that you can share with your new employees or clients to help them understand your work. Helps reduce the effort it would take to write and explain different tasks.

The next extension in this category is Mote, which helps you add voice comments and audio content to shared documents, assignments, emails, and forms. You can also create voice memos from any website or application and share your voice memos as a QR code.

Google has also chosen Wordtune as one of its favorite options for 2021. The browser extension uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you write more meaningful emails and documents and avoid mistakes.

Stay productive

Since staying productive while working and studying from home these days is equally important along with having clear communication and virtual collaboration, Google has listed a few solutions for that part as well. One of the best options in this category is Forest, which motivates users to himself and aims to improve their productivity by planting virtual trees and rewards.

Google has also named Dark Reader as one of its favorite Chrome extensions of the year. It helps you protect your eyes by applying a dark theme to the websites you visit in the browser. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, sepia filter, dark mode, and font settings. Also, it allows you to select certain sites from being obscured using an ignore list.

If you want to get rid of multiple tabs in your browser, Google has highlighted Tab Manager Plus which allows you to see all your active tabs in one view. You can also find duplicate tabs and limit tabs per window using the extension.

For all those looking for an improved screenshot and screen video recorder, Google has named Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder. It allows users to capture screenshots and record screen content that they can share across platforms.

Learn virtually

Google’s list of top Chrome extensions includes add-ons that can facilitate virtual learning. One of them is Kami, which allows you to create an interactive online learning space using PDF files, images and documents under one roof. Teachers and students can also collaborate in real time using live annotations, audio and video recordings, and drawings. Additionally, you can bring in student work from your preferred learning management system, such as Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and Microsoft Teams.

The next selection in this series is InsertLearning, which helps teachers insert questions, discussions, and insights directly into any website. Students can go to that website and answer questions and participate in discussions. They can also take their notes while looking at the content taught by the teachers.

If you want to learn a new language, Google has highlighted Toucan on its list of favorite extensions this year. The extension translates certain words and phrases on the web pages that you visit into the language that you are trying to learn. It works with a collection of languages ​​including English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Korean, and Hindi, among others.

Google favorites in the virtual learning category also include Rememberry, which organizes vocabulary words into flashcard decks for quick study.

Make (and save) some changes

To add a personal touch to your browsing experience, Google has chosen Stylus as one of the extensions to customize Chrome. It allows you to create and install custom themes and skins for the websites you like to visit the most. Next on Google’s list of favorite extensions is Rakuten, which helps you find coupons and desktops on the web and serves as an assistant when shopping online.

In particular, Google has not provided any details on the criteria it used to choose the favorite Chrome extensions of the year. However, you have created a dedicated page on the Chrome Web Store to list all your favorite extensions in one place.


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