Google Authenticator hits 100 million Play Store downloads

By protecting your accounts online, two-factor authentication (2FA) is an easy way to add another layer of security. There are numerous options available for download, including the Google Authenticator app.

Effectively, the Google Authenticator app generates unique time-based codes that are linked to sites or accounts. A small timer indicates how much time you have left to enter the key before it expires, or a new code will be generated. This prevents the theft of an all-purpose key and is probably more than enough for many people looking to add an extra layer of security beyond their password to their online accounts.

The initial setup process relies on a QR code or a simple key, and although your Google account is now protected by your phone by default, to manage more than one service, Google Authenticator is still a great free option despite the manual configuration process.

google authenticator downloads

As seen by Android Police, the Google Authenticator application has surpassed the barrier of 100 million downloads in the Play Store. One minor annoyance is that you have to transfer or export any account to a new device when you switch. However, if you lose your phone or it breaks, unfortunately, you need to make sure that you have paired all the devices.

That being said, it is a simple app that offers very little beyond a dark theme, but is capable of generating secure codes even without a mobile or data connection. As such, updates have been few and far between and the feature set is quite limited.

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