Google Chrome is trying out a new shortcut for downloads

Access your downloads directly on the toolbar with one click


Google Chrome is the browser that almost everyone uses and it keeps getting better with every introduction of new features and settings. The latest, albeit minor, change sees Chrome get a new download UI that could be similar to Microsoft Edge.

Chrome download UI

An upcoming update will cause a download icon to appear in the toolbar next to the Omnibox once it starts downloading a file (per u / Leopeva64-2 on Reddit). The icon will turn blue during active downloads and, once completed, will take on a dimmed tone before disappearing. Google is still developing the feature, and the company will reportedly add a loading circle around the icon to indicate how far the downloads have progressed, much like Microsoft does with its Edge browser. You may not have to wait too long to get this interface as it is already being tested on Chrome Canary 99.


Overall, it’s a minimal change, but it should make the downloads a bit more accessible.

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