google: Google is planning to make ‘Downloads’ more accessible in Chrome

Google has been adding new features to its Chrome web browser to make the overall browsing experience better and easier for users. The company has recently added several new features, such as a new easier navigation for web pages, a built-in screenshot tool, and more.
Rumors suggest that the company is now working on a new download center shortcut for Chrome. The download section will have a new user interface similar to Microsoft Edge It features a pop-up download drop-down menu that automatically disappears once the job is done.
Chrome currently has a dedicated page for downloads and it also has a prominent bar at the bottom of the screen that not only consumes space but is also quite annoying.
Reddit user u / Leopeva64-2 has reported that Google will replace the new download UI in future updates of Google Chrome and it will replace the existing download interface with a new download icon next to the multi-function box.
The usage also highlights that the icon will turn blue once the download starts or if there is an active download and it will automatically turn gray and disappear once the download is complete.
Microsoft Edge, which is also a Chromium-based web browser, currently has a similar interface, except that it is placed near the profile icon.
Another change that the download section will see as part of the update is a new circle that will indicate the progress of the download in real time.
If you want to test the new download UI in Chrome, the feature is being tested in Chrome canary.


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