Google Pixel Watch faces allegedly leak

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 on a wrist showing the watch face.

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4


  • New Wear OS 3 watch faces have been leaked, and they may appear first on the rumored Google Pixel Watch.
  • There are 10 in total, with a mix of digital and analog faces.
  • A watch face shows the platform’s Fitbit integration.

Wear OS 3 has been well received so far. However, there is only one smartwatch running on the platform, and Samsung’s software overlay is highly personalized. This makes it difficult to see which items are from Samsung and which items are from Google’s Wear OS 3 “stock” build.

Thanks to an update to the Wear OS emulator on Tuesday, we got an early look at Wear OS 3 without Samsung’s skin and software tweaks. You can see Google stock settings menus, battery screens, watch face selection page, and more.

Now, we are looking at even more non-Samsung operating systems. On Wednesday, 9to5Google I found examples of 10 different watch faces hidden in an APK. Whether or not these will appear on the rumored Google Pixel Watch, we don’t know, but they should appear on an upcoming Wear OS 3 device regardless.

The first four are all digital. There is a mix of simple and large options, complicated digital dials, and even a watch face with lots of numbers that is reminiscent of the first Moto 360 smartwatch.

The upcoming digital watch face is exciting, prominently displaying the Fitbit logo as a complication below the time. This suggests that Fitbit’s integration on the Wear OS platform will come sooner rather than later.

Google Pixel Watch Sphere 2

The next two digital watch faces show the time at the top with a relaxing and colorful beach atmosphere.

Finally, there are four analog watch faces. The first shows a small analog clock with three complications on its side. The last three are pretty straightforward watch faces showing the date and slots to add some complications to the display.

Some of these watch faces have previously appeared on digital versions of the alleged Google Pixel Watch that came out a few weeks ago. This suggests that these watch faces could be exclusive to the Google Pixel Watch, or at least debut on the smartwatch, whenever it is announced.

It’s always important to take Google Pixel Watch leaks with a grain of salt. But since these watch faces come from the Wear OS 3 emulator, it’s a safe bet that we’ll eventually see them on a smartwatch.

Thoughts on these possible Google Pixel Watch faces? What is your favorite?

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