Google released a Pixel 6-themed tarot card deck that you can download

Who could have predicted this?


The holidays are upon us and Google is fully embracing the spirit of the season. Rather than being a grinch, Google has a reputation for giving, and influencers like those at Team Pixel regularly come across a little Google swag to show off on their channels. This year, some lucky fans are getting something a little esoteric in their stockings: a deck of tarot cards with the theme of Pixel 6.

We have our first look at the deck last Thursday when it started popping up on Twitter. Google includes a full 78-card deck, a pack of sage, and a candle in an astrological-themed purple box (shared by 9to5Google). Twenty-two of the letters (the major arcana for tarot nerds) are paired with specific features on the phone and come alive when viewed in AR on Instagram.


If you’re not a member of Team Pixel, you can still get in on the action, because Google has made available a 93-page Google Slides presentation on the history of divination using tarot cards, how to use the deck, and how to interpret the cards. . If you want to have your own Google deck, just print out the slides explaining the cards and you’re in business.

If you want to take the experience even further, Google has 22 selfie filters available on Instagram, which it calls the “tarot randomizer.” Get it? ARKANSAS. My personal favorite is The Tower because you have to move your head to keep the tower from falling. Take a look at the link above and you can start playing them yourself.

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