Google’s fight with Joker continues, another app ‘deleted’

Here’s another ‘Joker warning’ for Android smartphone users. One of the most persistent types of malware (type of virus) found on Android smartphones has been detected in another application that has been downloaded more than 500,000 times in Google play store. Research company Pradeo recently wrote in a blog post that a mobile app called Color Message infected with the Joker malware is currently available for download at Google play and it was installed by more than half a million users.
Google has since removed the app. Android smartphone users should note that Google removing the app from the Google Play Store means that you will no longer be able to catch new users. However, users who have already downloaded the application must remove it from their phones themselves. Removing Google from the Play Store does not mean that the application will disappear from the more than 500,000 devices where it was downloaded.
What is it Color message app
The Color Message application aims to offer users the ability to enhance their messages with a variety of customization options. “It makes texting easy, fun and beautiful. Customize the theme quickly. The Color Message app has unique technology that can help you customize your default SMS messenger,” read the app’s description before Google removes it. . Surprisingly, the app also had over 1,800 reviews with an average four-star rating. There were also reviews that called the app a scam app.
What exactly does Joker malware do
Joker is one of the most troublesome Android malware. Categorized as a Fleeceware application, it steals SMS messages, contact lists, and device information, as well as registering users for premium service subscriptions without their knowledge. It simulates clicks and can intercept SMS, including bank messages from users. In recent years, the Joker malware has been found to be hiding in hundreds of applications. These applications are said to use several different methods to avoid detection, including standard and custom encryption.
In January 2020, Google published a long blog post detailing his three-year fight with Joker Malare. Google first detected the Joker malware in 2017.


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