GTA Online Holiday Event Leaked; Baller ST Free Vehicle Spotted

gta online christmas event

Rockstar has partially accidentally leaked its Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Christmas online event, and a new incoming vehicle has been confirmed to be free until the end of December. Read on below for the details of the leak and when players can expect this new update to drop for GTA Online.

The leak was spotted by Twitter user Tez2, who took a screenshot of an apparent Instagram feed. Take a look at the image below, which we keep in case the tweet is deleted.

You probably won’t find this post anywhere on the Rockstar Instagram feed, as this is not an official post. Just below the rockstargames Instagram username is the word ‘Sponsored’, which essentially means ‘sponsored’, meaning it is most likely an advertisement for the GTA Online Christmas event that was leaked earlier.

As for the release date for this one, it would make sense for the Baller ST and the holiday event to drop tomorrow, Thursday. As GTA Online players are already familiar, the day marks the game’s weekly update schedule, and it would make sense if this were part of tomorrow’s weekly reset.

Thanks, Tez2 !

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