Have you downloaded your enhanced vaccine certificate yet?

You will need the QR code to access the settings where proof of vaccination is required as of January 4

Ontario’s new proof of vaccination requirements will go into effect next week.

On Tuesday, January 4, the Enhanced Vaccine Certificate with a QR code and the Verify Ontario app must be used when proof of vaccination is required. An identification piece is also needed.

Until now, companies have accepted the QR code and the original vaccine passport that shows the date someone was vaccinated.

The certificate with the QR code can be downloaded here. You will need your health card to access it.

While it can be added to your smartphone for easy access, it can also be printed. Businesses must accept a digital or paper copy.

Proof of vaccination is required for certain high risk indoor environments such as restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters, gaming establishments. The full list of affected locations is available here.

Ontario announced the change to the enhanced certificate while delaying the lifting of proof of vaccination requirements. The measures were scheduled to begin lifting in mid-January, however that has been postponed. No new date has been announced.

A QR code will also be required for medical exemptions and clinical trial exemptions. As of January 10, doctors’ notes will no longer be accepted under the proof of vaccination system.

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