Here Is Halo Infinite’s Leaked, Upgraded Fracture: Tenrai Battle Pass

While Halo Infinite launched with some major issues regarding battle pass progression and their microtransaction store, they continue to move quickly to fix things, and I must say they are doing a great job.

A new point of evidence is the leaked battle pass for the return of the Fracture: Tenrai event, which returns next Tuesday. A massive complaint about the event was that the armor sets being advertised for the “free” Fracture were nowhere to be found. The Battle Pass contained a single set of samurai-themed armor, while the rest were packed with XP and challenge changes, and most of the cosmetics were sold on a rotating basis at the Cash Shop.

Now that is changing.

After Rank 10, there is now more XP or Challenge Swap unlock. And an entirely new armor set has been retired from its next original place in the store, and will now be available for free. It’s the one they kept showing in the trailer, Kabuto’s helmet, plus the ending will give us Staghelm Crest antler ornaments to join the original horn ornament. Also, there are many more armor skins that will work with the Yoroi core as well.

The full leaked Battle Pass can be seen below, reflecting the things 343 has already said publicly about the changes (larger image here):

This … sounds pretty good to me? The simple act of putting two sets of armor on the pass and a few more overlays has completely transformed the offering, and there are still plenty of things they can sell at the cash store as well (they’re adding more stuff that we don’t have). seen this time). But free players will be rewarded for investing in the event for as long as it lasts.

I am not clear if the structure The Fracture event is changing, as you can only clear a certain number of event challenges per week, and you have to “max” five out of six weeks to get everything, as I see it as another problem. But regardless, the changes to what is actually offered in the pass are pretty good and a clear indicator that they are learning as they go and working to make changes to this system quickly. Again, I’ll never understand why with a full extra year this progression system wasn’t more consistent and polished at launch, but at least the fixes will come quickly now.

The Fracture: Tenrai event returns this Tuesday, January 4. Do not miss it. Seriously, don’t miss out or you may not be able to unlock all of these things at the end of the season.

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