Here is your first look at Google Chrome’s new download UI

Google Chrome logo with a download icon in the center

A few days ago, we reported that Google Chrome is getting a new download UI that brings it more in line with the download experience Microsoft Edge offers. Basically, the next implementation includes moving the download information from the browser shelf, where it currently resides in stable Chrome, to the browser toolbar, next to the multifunction box.

It seems Chrome users eagerly anticipating the change won’t have to wait too long, as Google has already started building and testing the feature in Chrome Canary. As detected by Redditor u / Leopeva64-2 from eagle eyes, you can now see the download information in the toolbar in Chrome Canary.

Screenshot of the new Google Chrome download UI and 039s

As can be seen, the download icon is blue during active downloads (left) and can be removed when that is not the case. You can also see it in action in the GIF below:

GIFs of the new Google Chrome download UI and 039s

If you’re wondering why the active download icon looks small compared to other icons on the toolbar, it’s probably because it will be surrounded by a progress ring, as we discussed in our previous article.

As it stands, it remains to be seen how long it will take Google to develop and test the new download experience before releasing it to the stable channel. The implementation is clearly a work in progress, but we can look forward to it sooner rather than later if all goes well.

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