How to download and send Happy New Year 2022 stickers on WhatsApp

How to download and send Happy New Year 2022 stickers on WhatsApp

We are about to ring in the new year and the celebrations for next year have already started around the world. With the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus spreading rapidly, governments are advising people to welcome the year 2022 by avoiding crowded gatherings and venues. Thanks to messaging and social media platforms, it has become much easier to send greetings and wishes to loved ones, even those who are far away.

There are various ways one can send wishes to loved ones by using messaging platforms such as GIFs, emoticons, videos, photos, etc. with new year themes. However, in recent years, WhatsApp Stickers They have become a trend when it comes to sending greetings on special occasions. It is also one of the easiest ways to extend your wishes. If you want to know how to download New Year themed stickers, you can follow these steps.


Search for WhatsApp Christmas Stickers via the search bar at the top.


Go to the sticker app you like and tap on Install.


Wait for it to download and tap the Open button on the same page.


Choose the sticker pack you want to use on WhatsApp by tapping on the ‘+’ icon or the Add button.


Open any individual chat or group chat you want to share the sticker on.


Tap the emoji icon in the text box.


Tap the sticker icon next to the GIF button on the bottom bar.


Here you can see the sticker pack you just added.


Touch the sticker you want to share.

It is worth noting that Apple does not allow iPhone users to add stickers on WhatsApp through third-party Apple. In this case, iPhone users may want to ask their friend for help with an Android smartphone and ask them to send stickers to share.



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