How to download and store your COVID-19 vaccine card on mobile in simple steps

The rise in COVID-19 disease cases has become a concern around the world. The new cluster of COVID-19 cases is said to occur with the spread of the highly contagious omicron variant. While travel restrictions have been imposed in different parts to curb the spread, reports suggest that airline passengers are at higher risk of being contaminated by the new variant. Read Also – COVID Vaccine for 15-18 Years: How Children Can Reserve Their Vaccine Space Online

But with the new year at their doorstep, many plan to fly home safely and smoothly. Several airlines request to present proof of vaccination in order to board. While the RT-PCR report is taken as an alternative for travel, carrying a physical copy of any of these documents can sometimes be difficult. A digital copy saves so much hassle. And in case you are planning to fly home or take a business trip, it is better to have a digital proof rather than lose the physical vaccine card. If you haven’t already, here is a simple guide to help you. Also read: How to share the ‘Partially / Fully vaccinated’ badge on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp

How to download a digital copy of your vaccination certificate

Via the Cowin website Also read: Manipur launched the first drone in Southeast Asia to transport COVID vaccines

The most convenient way is to use the government-backed Cowin website to obtain your vaccination certificate.

-Visit the CoWin website or copy this link

-Click the Login / Register button

-Next, log in with your registered mobile phone number and then enter the one-time password or OTP that you will receive.

-Once you log in, you will find a Certificate tab under your name.

-Click the download button and then you will get an electronic copy of your vaccination certificate in your download folder.

How to store the vaccine certificate with Digilocker

Digilocker allows users to easily download and store vaccination certificates on their mobile. For the uninformed, Digilocker is the government’s initiative towards digitizing documents and certificates. With this explained, to download the certificate, you will first need to install the application on your device.

-Sign up for a new account or enter your credentials if you already have an account.

-Once you are logged in, tap on the search bar and type COVID-19

-The search result will show ‘Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate’, click on it and then tap on the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare option. Then enter the beneficiary ID that you will get from the Cowin website.

-Then tap on the ‘Get Document’ option which will then download your certificate and store it locally on your mobile phone.

Keep a screenshot

If finding that downloaded document on your mobile device or in your cloud storage is cumbersome, the simplest trick you can use is to take a screenshot of the certificate, so that the next time you are asked to show the card the vaccine, can easily display the screenshot. from the screenshot folder.

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