How To Download Digital Voter ID Card?

How to download the digital voter identification card: A voter identification card is not only used to cast a vote, but also serves as an important identity card to verify the address.

Lately, Election Commission of India has launched ‘e-EPIC’ (Election Photo Electronic Identification Card) which is a secure and non-editable PDF version of Election Photo Identification Card (EPIC) and is equally valid.

Here’s how to download the digital voter ID card.

How to download a digital voter identification card?

1- Visit and click on ‘Download e-EPIC card’.


2- Login / Register as a new user.

3- Click on ‘e-EPIC Download’.


4- Enter the EPIC number or the reference number of the form.


5- Verify the OTP sent in the registered mobile number.


6- Click Download e-EPIC.


If the mobile phone number is not registered with Eroll, follow these steps:

7- click on e-KYC to complete the KYC.

8- Pass the face vivacity check

9- Update your mobile number to complete KYC

10- Download e-EPIC.

It should be noted that the e-EPIC download feature is currently available to voters registered after November 2020 who have a unique mobile phone number on file with the NSVP. For others, this facility will be available soon.

What is e-EPIC?

The Electronic Electoral Identity Card with Photo or e-EPIC is a version in secure portable document format (PDF) of the EPIC that can be downloaded to the mobile phone or in a self-printable form to the computer. Voters can store e-EPIC on their smartphones, upload it as a PDF to Digi Locker, or print and self-laminate it. This is in addition to the PCV EPIC that is currently being issued.

e-EPIC: Who is eligible?

1- All general voters who have valid EPIC numbers.

2- All new voters registered during the 2021 special summary review (that is, those who applied during November-December 2020) and whose mobile phone number provided during the application is unique, will receive an SMS and will be able to download e- EPIC between January 25 and January 31, 2021.

3- Other voters can download e-EPIC from February 1, 2021 onwards.

E-EPIC benefits

On National Voter Day, the Electoral Commission launched the e-EPIC function. Voters do not have to apply for a new card every time they change city or state. They can simply download the new version of the card by changing the address.

e-EPIC: key points to consider

1- Instead of an EPIC number, you can also use a reference number to download e-EPIC.

2- e-EPIC will be downloaded in portable document format (PDF).

3- The e-EPIC file size is 250KB.

4- Voters can download e-EPIC and print it to show it as proof of identity at the voting station.

5- If e-KYC fails, visit the ERO office along with a photo ID and update your mobile phone number.

6- Each member can make eKYC against a single mobile number and after e-KYC, e-EPIC can be downloaded.

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