How to Download iCloud Data

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Check how to download data from iCloud

iCloud is one of the most useful features that allows you to automatically but securely store and sync your photos, notes, and other data on different Apple devices. However, iCloud is not that convenient to view and manage the stored files, most of the time you have to download them from iCloud to your iPhone or iPad. Since there is no built-in iCloud app on iPhone, many of you have no idea how to download files from iCloud. Next, we will give you a complete guide on how to download photos and other data from iCloud.

How to download an iCloud backup

  • With iPhone Backup Extractor connected to your iCloud account, it is easy to download backup data from iCloud.
  • Select your iCloud backup. Once iPhone Backup Extractor has connected to your iCloud account, it will automatically display a list of your iCloud accounts and backups on the left side of your window. Your iCloud backups will be listed under the heading “iCloud Backups”, and you can select the one you would like to explore by clicking on it. That will load your data into the main part of the application window.
  • Explore your iCloud backup. Once your backup has been selected, iPhone Backup Extractor will summarize the information available on it, displaying the most important applications along with a count of the amount of data available for each. iPhone Backup Extractor allows you to work with iCloud backups exactly like iTunes backups; you don’t need to download the full backup to work with it, although you can if you want!
    • Just like when working with iTunes backups, you can choose from four modes in iPhone Backup Extractor to recover your data:
      • General description. Click on any of the app icons to get your data back with one click. Easy!
      • Preview mode. See all your messages and photos, and choose to selectively download them.
      • Application view. Browse your iCloud backup by application and download all the files that belong to a particular application, or all the photos of a particular application.
      • Expert mode. Browse for individual files in your iCloud backup and select or drag the ones you would like to download.
  • Download your backup data from iCloud. If you want to download the full iCloud backup and turn it into an iTunes backup, so you can modify or restore it locally, it’s easy too – there’s a button labeled “Download this iCloud backup.” If you click that, the full iCloud backup will download to your PC or Mac. The download may take a while, depending on the size of your backup and the speed of your internet connection; Clearly, it may be faster to get just the data you want to use in the above process.
  • After the iCloud download is complete, iPhone Backup Extractor will present the downloaded iCloud backup in its “Downloaded iCloud Backups” section and upload it automatically. You can work with that backup exactly as you would with an iTunes backup.

Final Words: How to Download iCloud Data

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