How to download Instagram videos?

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Have you ever wanted to download Instagram videos to your phone, tablet or computer? Has someone, for example, made a video with you and you really want to keep it, without disturbing the person to ask you to send it to them? Or did you just like someone’s video and want to add it to your collection of ideas? The answer to all these questions is an Instagram video downloader.

In this article, we will discuss this type of application, how it works and costs, it will be useful, and how to save a video on your PC and phone.

Why do you need to use an Instagram downloader?

  • If you upload a video from Instagram, it means that no one will ever be able to take it from you: if the user decides to delete the video or it disappears in the stories, the upload will protect it forever.
  • Maybe you are looking for inspiration for a branding campaign or maybe you like something and want to keep it.
  • You can also use the Instagram downloader to save video clips from the many favorite pages of celebrities and fans.
  • Brands usually carry the work of other people who also show their production.
  • Maybe you want to download your own Instagram videos after downloading. People often use social media as a kind of backup for their files.
  • Thanks to the Instagram video downloader you can download the original video

How does a video downloader for Instagram work?

Instagram, unfortunately, does not allow video files to be downloaded to the phone or PC using a built-in function, due to the privacy policy and copyright of the network. However, using additional tools, it is still possible to download clips. It is possible, of course, to take a screenshot, but unnecessary details spoil the whole type of video and the quality is drastically reduced.

Consider ways to get around this restriction on your computer and mobile devices with the Instagram downloader. We found one of the best Instagram photo and video downloaders – Inflact video downloader.

Inflact Video Downloader – It is a convenient Instagram downloader with a simple and modern interface. This allows you to download not only Instagram videos, but also IGTV photos and stories. All you have to do is just copy the link to the video or image and paste it into the field and then save it to your device, whether it is based on an Android or IOS operating system, or a PC.

This downloader has fast download speed, displays detailed user information, and saves packages in offline mode. You can save these files and use them at any time, there are no restrictions. Also thanks to the Premium subscription you can download all the photos and videos that have ever been in a profile.

How to download videos from Inflact downloader?

  • Step 1. On Instagram, select the post you want to download.
  • Step 2. Click the button with 3 dots next to this post.
  • Step 3. Copy the link to the video you like from someone’s account.
  • Step 4. Insert the link to the search bar of the video downloader and click on the preview.
  • Step 5. Save and download photo by clicking download icon on Android, it will save to your gallery and iPhone, it will save to Safari downloads.

After that, the application will automatically upload the file itself, and then you just have to save it to the gallery of the phone or PC. The process only takes a few minutes and you don’t need an account or registration to do it.

The download time depends on the duration and quality you have chosen. This quick command can download a video with a resolution of up to 4K. It is undesirable to lock the iPhone until the boot is complete, in which case the process may be interrupted. Once the operation is complete, the video will appear on the tape of the «Gallery» application.

Inflact Video Downloader Features:

  • Watch the video from your own or someone else’s Instagram link for free.
  • Download and save photos, stories, IGTV in HD format (large photos) to computer or phone online.
  • Easy to use interface for computer and phone.
  • Full file info output: author (nick) with Insta link, number of likes, comments, video views, emoji display description and post date.
  • Download videos in the highest quality and resolution.
  • Download any photo / video (or all) from “slideshow” – post with multiple photos and videos

It is fast, universal, easy and secure, without registration or complexity, it has a simple and convenient interface and it is a really useful downloader.

Frequently asked questions

Is Inflact Downloader Video Instagram free?

You can use Instagram Video Downloader for free and without registration, which preserves your security and anonymity. But if you want to download all the videos on your account at once, you can buy a paid subscription. There are 4 packages:

First 3 days for $ 1 (trial)

$ 9 / month for 10 profiles

$ 49 / month for 100 profiles

$ 99 / month for an unlimited number of profiles to download.

Can I use this downloader if the account is closed?

No, unfortunately the app can only work when the profile is open. You can only download the video from public accounts.

Is it safe to download Instagram videos?

You do not need to register, so the application does not have access to your account and cannot threaten your security and anonymity. It is completely safe.

You can download the video completely legally, but it is very important if you use it for personal use or on commercial terms. Because otherwise you will need a tag author.

How to use an Instagram video downloader?

You just need to copy the link to the video you want and paste it into Inflact Downloader. After that, the application will automatically upload the file itself, and then you just have to save it to the gallery of the phone or PC.

Can I download the video on PC?

Yes, of course. You can download videos on both your PC and your phone. This is not difficult and detailed instructions have been described above. All the videos will be stored in the gallery of your computer or smartphone.

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