How to download paid apps for free on iPhone or iPad

When Apple introduced the App Store on iPhones, it was the first of its kind in the world of smartphones. Google, of course, soon followed with Android Market which later became the Play Store. The App Store has come a long way since then and has more than 1.96 million apps through which Apple reportedly made nearly $ 64 billion last year. While most of us download a lot of free apps, there are plenty of awesome apps and games that are paid for and for that alone are sometimes skipped. But what if we tell you that there is a way to get paid apps for free? Android users can check the paid apps available at a discount or free for a limited time using an app called AppSales. Similarly, iOS users can make use of AppAdvice (formerly known as AppsGoneFree) which offers a similar function. Let’s find out exactly what AppAdvice does and how it can benefit you.

How does it work

While AppSales on Android is an app that scours the Google Play Store for a list of paid apps that are currently free or available at a discount, AppAdvice works differently. In the latter, you get a curated list of apps that the AppAdvice team decides are the best deals of the day. They mostly include paid apps that have become free for a limited time or have offers for in-app purchases. At the bottom of the current day’s list is a calendar tab that shows the list of apps from previous days, but keep in mind that some of those offers will most likely have expired by then.

Just download AppAdvice from the App Store and follow the instructional process. Once the app is installed, it will automatically select your region. You can change the language and region of the application, but the prices will be reflected only in USD. The main page of the application shows a list of all the applications of the day that are currently free. I have a complaint here as there doesn’t seem to be an option available to put certain apps you like on a watchlist to alert you if they ever get released.

However, you can check why each app on the list was recommended, who the app is for, and an AppAdvice score.

Additional Information

AppAdvice, in addition to informing you when a certain paid app has become free, also lets you know about in-app purchases of apps that might be available for free for a limited time. For example, at the time of this writing, the game Maddie’s Farm was free and it also had a one-day offer where you could get 1,000 free gems that would normally cost you $ 2.99. Apart from that, you can also see if the application is universal, that is, designed for both iPhone and iPad. AppAdvice users can also like and dislike the recommended apps on the list and the ratio is made public in the app summary. There is other useful data as well, such as whether the app has gone free for the first time or whether the deal will quickly collapse. Every time an in-app offer expires, a banner that says so appears next to the app.

What is AppBump?

Suppose you are waiting for a particular app to be free so that you can download it without spending any money. In the upper right corner of the AppAdvice home page, you will find a button called AppBump. What you do is let the AppAdvice user community know that there is an app you would like to see free of charge. You can search for the app and hit it. If a lot of people hit the same app, they are assigned a free app defender. The advocate negotiates with the app developer to allow the app to be free for a limited time to the AppAdvice user community. Developers could agree to do this knowing that it could increase the application’s user base. Of course, not all applications will become free, but it is definitely a feature that is useful to bring small developers to the forefront.

In short, AppAdvice seems to be a useful service in which one can easily and legitimately take advantage of a lot of great paid apps for free. I downloaded the structured app which was free for a limited time and now my iPhone has scheduled all my daily tasks in such a way as to maximize time efficiency. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, check it out … maybe you will find something you like.


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