How to download, send New Year stickers on WhatsApp

As the year is about to close its chapter, people are waiting to embrace the new year with optimism. New Year’s Eve is at hand and with the recent situation, many have chosen to stay and celebrate at home. In case you had plans that were canceled and greetings are now on the table, the virtual space has a solution. The fun and simple way to send New Year’s greetings is through WhatsApp stickers. Here’s how you can share your greetings with your family, friends, and loved ones via cross-messaging platform for free in these easy steps. Also read: the main WhatsApp features we hope to see in 2022

New Years Eve: How to download and use stickers on WhatsApp

Step 1- Open the Google Play Store app on your phone and type WhatsApp New Years stickers in the search bar. Also Read: Will WhatsApp Groups Get Even Bigger? New ‘community’ feature detected again

Step 2- The app store will display various sticker packs. Most apps will have multiple stickers, including animated ones. Check the rating and download the package you want. Also read: Do you want to check your account balance? This is how you can do it through WhatsApp.

Step 3- Once downloaded, open WhatsApp and go to a personal chat or group.

Step 4- Then press the emoji option to select the label tab.

Step 5- Your downloaded sticker packs will appear.

Step 6- Select the sticker pack header to open the pack and scroll down to select some stickers.

Step 7- Tap the tag and share it with friends, family.

You can also save the stickers sent by your friends by clicking on a sticker and choosing the Add to favorites option. It will then be saved and appear along with other sticker packs.

You can also follow the same steps to send stickers for other occasions.

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