How to Download Shutterstock Videos or Footage Clips Without Watermark

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Check how to download Shutterstock footage clips or videos without watermark

As a video or image producer, you always want to post your artwork and creations on stock sites where you can earn income by selling on those platforms. We are talking about platforms like Shutterstock where designers upload their creations for sale. Have you ever been looking for something on the web and you go to the images area and you see some kind of watermark on some images there? Surely you have noticed. These images are protected by copyright and unauthorized use of such applications can be punished with copyright. However, you can find good images and footage to include in your project and customize.

This is primarily the case for most content creators and YouTubers looking to grow their business with it. But you can’t use it at the moment because you can’t download it, but mainly because it is copyrighted and the watermark doesn’t make it professional. anyone who loves high-quality photography. It is always a popular choice for people working on creative projects. This is because Shutterstock is one of the best stock photography platforms for high-quality images, video clips, vectors, and editorial assets. Shutterstock has millions of curated collections for designers to choose from.

How to Download Free Shutterstock Sequence Videos or Clips Without Watermark

Let’s start by walking you through the steps you’ll use to download free Shutterstock stock footage clips or videos. Here is the . Follow each step carefully. This is very important!

  • Go to on your Windows or Mac laptop. This will take you to the landing page.
  • Hover over the PHOTOGRAPHY tab and select Selected Collections from the drop-down menu. There are different selected collections to choose from.
  • Scroll down to select any footage of your choice and click on it to play the video.
  • Press the F12 key on your computer keyboard while the footage is playing.
  • In the Inspect Element window, click the arrow selector. This will help you select the video configuration file and access the source URL.
  • Then click on the playing video to select it and expose the configuration file in the Item window.
  • Expand the video tag to access the source URL.
  • Double click on the video source URL to highlight it and then copy it to a new browser tab.
  • Paste the copied URL and hit the Enter tab to start playing the video.
  • Then right click on the video and select “Save Video As” to save a copy of the footage.

Final Words: How to Download Shutterstock Videos or Image Clips Without Watermark

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