How to Download the State’s New Digital Vaccination Card to Your Phone – NBC Connecticut

Connecticut’s COVID-19 digital vaccination card program is officially launched and here’s how to download it to your phone, tablet, or computer.

First, go to the CT Wiz public portal website.

From there, it will take you to the main page where you enter your name, date of birth, gender and you can choose if you are requesting the records for yourself or if you are a parent or guardian.

After that, you will indicate how you would like to receive your access code. You can do it through a phone number or an email. Once you enter your phone number or email, hit search and it will send you a verification code.

Enter that code on the website and hit verify.

From there, your vaccination records should appear. At the top right of the website, there is a button that says “download covid-19 logs.” Click on that. You will download a PDF file.

Once you click on the PDF file to open it, a list of your COVID-19 vaccines / booster will appear on the screen with a QR code at the bottom.

If you are doing this on the computer, open your phone’s camera, point at the QR code, and you can download the information to your phone. (For Apple users, it will download to your wallet.)

For anyone doing this on their phone, you can take a screenshot of the screen showing your vaccination list and save it to your photos.

Downloading the digital health card is optional.


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