How to Download TikTok Videos (Without a Watermark)

You probably have TikTok, like a billion other people. You are probably addicted. It’s hard to miss gliding through fast-paced, looping content ranging from overused memes to surprising original content. So much so that the format has been stolen by other services, from Reels on Instagram and Facebook to Snapchat’s Spotlight.

What if you are a TikTok content creator who wants to share your perfect video elsewhere? Or what if you just must Have a favorite video to keep forever? (You know, for your personal, non-profit use, so as not to infringe on the original manufacturer’s intellectual property rights, because that would be a bad move on your part.) How do you download that video, and without the TikTok logo watermark in the center of the video? That’s how.

Grab TikTok videos with the watermark

This is the easiest way to download a TikTok video, because you can do it instantly on your mobile device, directly from the TikTok app.

Hold down one finger on the video, and from the pop-up menu, tap Save video on top. (Note: this only works if the creator marks the video as “Public”. If it is listed as “Private”, you will not see the option to save). The video is placed on your phone’s camera roll and you will see options to share the video from there to SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other services.

screenshots to download a video from the tiktok app with the watermark

Download a video on the TikTok app for iOS

You can’t do this at all on the desktop via, but you can always take a video screenshot, complete with the watermark, that lasts for the duration of the video and moves.

The advantage for the content creator is that the watermark of the TikTok logo, complete with the creator’s name, equates to an instant mark. The downside is that not everyone wants the watermark. Especially if it’s your video in the first place and you plan to repost it on other services, to maximize reach without duplicating effort. But what is the solution?

Get rid of the watermark

To get rid of the watermark on videos you’ve already downloaded, tools like iMyFone MarkGo (Windows or macOS), RemoveLogoNow (Windows), Video Eraser (iOS), or Apowersoft Online Video Watermark Remover (on the web) can do the job. . But the results may seem sloppy because they essentially blur the watermark by adding extra pixels to the video frames (some for a fee).

This method can work well for some videos, especially if the background is still. But you can screw up the auto-generated subtitles or overlay text on the video, near the center of the frame.


VideoProc Vlogger

A slightly better option is video editing software like the free VideoProc Vlogger, which covers the watermark with your own logo or some other image, even an animated GIF. It’s almost like adding a GIF sticker to the video that could have been added when you uploaded it to TikTok.

Grab TikToks without the watermark

The best option is to download the video without any watermark first, for free. For this to work, you use third-party apps and helpful websites, for which you’ll need the URL of the individual TikTok videos.

Musically Down is one of the best help sites, with a good look and even a concise instructional video. Enter a link for a TikTok video or song featured on the service, and you’ll get a quick preview, including the video’s title, and options to capture it as an MP4 video or MP3 audio file.

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Screenshot of Musically Down

If you do this on the desktop, but you prefer to get the video on your phone, there is a QR code to scan, but it doesn’t actually take you to the video to capture. You will need to find the URL again to do it on mobile (click Share> Copy link). That said, Musically Down works fine on mobile devices.

Meanwhile, the website helpers even work with TikTok videos that are marked as private. Musically Down has a companion app for Android called Video Downloader for Tiktok, but there are several apps on the Google Play Store with that name, so be careful. Other helpful websites include SaveTik and SnapTik.

If you prefer the application route, in addition to the previous one for Android, iOS has SaveTok (also on Android) and RepostTik, among others. But apps seem to occasionally run into legal issues and crash or lose functionality, so websites are the preferred method.

One more tip: watch out for copyrighted sounds. If you download a video from TikTok, even if it’s yours, and it includes audio that is someone else’s intellectual property, it doesn’t matter if it was okay on TikTok, which provides a library of sounds. Services like Facebook have loads of AI monitoring for that kind of thing. At best, they will allow you to upload a video without audio; in the worst case, they will leave you out. Use CapCut, the sister app of TikTok or others like Inshot or Splice, to remove the audio, as well as to edit much more serious videos. All are available for iOS or Android.

Good luck and happy, safe and smart download.

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