How to see Instagram Stories secretly (no app download needed): Tips and tricks

Instagram Stories Secret – View an Instagram Story without the person knowing, no other app is needed.

Wondering how to secretly view Instagram Stories without others knowing? Instagram does not give you the option to take care of your privacy, unlike WhatsApp. Every time you want to see someone’s Instagram Stories, the app will show them that you’ve seen the story. If the person is your enemy, or ex-crush, or you care about your privacy, this may be bad.

Fortunately, there is always a way around these limitations and we have two of them to allow you to view someone’s Instagram Stories without warning you. And you don’t need a third-party app at the expense of some malware to do that; These are simple tricks that require patience. And a good phone.

How to view Instagram stories without others knowing?

There are two ways to do it. Both can be done from your phone, so there is no need to install a third-party app or connect it to a computer.

1. Holding the transition animation

This is essentially a hack to get a sneak peek at the content of someone’s Instagram Stories. This is not the best way to do it and it works best with Photo Based Stories.

– In the Instagram app, find the story you want to see secretly.

– Now click on the following Insta Story to watch it.

– Then long press the story to pause it.

– Now you should slowly slide back to the previous story. Keep dragging the animations humbly until you start watching Insta Stories content.

– In this way, Instagram does not register a “view” and therefore its view is invisible to the person.

– Please note that you must transition very slowly. A little faster glide speed and you will be thrown into that story, which will then show the view.

2. Good old plane mode

Yes, Airplane mode is still a good way to take a look at Instagram Stories without registering your view.

– Open the Instagram app and let the app load all the Stories in the background.

– Once loaded, exit the application and put it in the background.

– Activate Airplane / Flight mode on your smartphone.

– Now open the Instagram app and tap on the Instagram Stories you want.

– You will be able to see all the content normally without registering a view for the publication.

– Once done, exit the application and turn off airplane mode. Now you can continue browsing Instagram normally.


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