How to solve Windows 11 download pending issue

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Check how to resolve Windows 11 download pending issue

Download pending error in Windows 11 is a common problem among Windows 10 users. Here’s how to fix it. Many PC users are receiving Windows 11 updates, and if you’ve already received a notification, you’re probably rubbing your hands with excitement. However, Windows 11 is not without its flaws, one of which is a flaw that prevents you from downloading it. Actually, this can be a problem with Windows 10.

Despite restarting your PC several times or refreshing the page, the “Windows 11 pending download” problem is common among existing PC users and often the download does not start. so what are your options? Should you give up your hopes of Windows 11?

Windows 11 download pending: how to get rid of the error

You should be aware that Windows 10 downloads the updates to a separate folder on the C drive, and despite a failed download, the operating system does not change its download path or know how to get rid of the corrupted file. Therefore, you will have to manually delete the corrupted download file to allow Windows 10 to download the file again.

  • Open “This PC”, then go to Local Disk C> Windows> Software Distribution> Download.
  • Here, you need to delete all the files and folders you see here.
  • Once removed, close the window and restart the PC.
  • Now open the Start menu and type “Updates”, then click on the Windows Update option.
  • You should see the Windows 11 update available for download. Otherwise, you can do it under “Check for updates”.
  • Your Windows 11 update should start downloading. Once downloaded, it will automatically install in the background and request a reboot to start Windows 11.

Final Words: How to Resolve Windows 11 Download Pending Issue

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