Instagram++ App Free Download on iOS with AppValley Store

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media applications around the world today. Since everyone wants to share their lives and business using it to promote their products and services, Instagram has become an essential tool for this generation.

What if I told you that there is an even better version of Instagram at your disposal?

The new and improved version of Instagram, namely Instagram ++, has many features in addition to the original version. This guide will teach you how to install Instagram ++ on your iPad and iPhone devices. Before we continue, we must first take a look at what exactly Instagram ++ is all about along with all its features.

Instagram ++

If you use social media, chances are you’ve come across Instagram. It was released in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Later, Meta (known as Facebook) acquired Instagram in 2012. The essential concept of Instagram is that you can post photos and videos on the platform, and people can interact with it. Although the app is free, there are some premium features that are locked behind a paywall.

Instagram ++ is a modified version of Instagram that has all premium features unlocked and free to use. It has unique features that make Instagram even more fun and engaging to use. Let’s take a closer look at the features of Instagram ++


Some of the prominent features of Instagram include:

  • You can save photos and videos directly to your phone from the application.
  • Captions are still visible when you zoom in on a post.
  • Check whether or not people are following you by viewing their profiles
  • Allows you to interact with third party applications.
  • It allows you to open links within Instagram.
  • Switched from the default display to the grid display at any time.
  • You can disable automatic story advancement in settings.
  • You can disable read receipts in Instagram ++ chats.

Now that we know the features of Instagram ++, we can move on to the installation procedures.

How to install Instagram ++ with the AppValley application

We will install Instagram ++ on iOS devices and use AppValley to do it. AppValley is a third-party app store that can be used in place of Apple’s AppStore, let’s take a look at the steps involved.

Step 1: The first step is first, you need to install the configuration profile for AppValley.

application on your device.

Step 2: Once you have AppValley installed, navigate to your device settings

Step 3: Go to “Device and Profile Management” and enable the “Trust” option for AppValley.

Stage 4: Open AppValley and click on the search bar.

Step 5: Search for “Instagram ++” and wait for the results.

Step 6: Once you see the result pop up on your screen, click “Download” option to start installing the application

Step 7: Once the application has been installed, make sure to “trust” The option is enabled for Instagram ++.

Step 8: Open the app and enjoy Instagram ++ with all its features unlocked.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it safe to install Instagram ++?

Yes, Instagram ++ is safe to install and use. Make sure to use the links and steps in this guide and you will be able to fully enjoy the app.

  • Can I use other methods to install Instagram ++?

Although there are other methods that you can install Instagram ++ using other methods, the AppValley method is a tried and true method. So if you want to use another method, you can use other app stores like CokernutX, but this method is a safer option.

  • Is Instagram ++ better than Instagram?

Yes, clearly Instagram ++ has the addition of the 2 plus signs to indicate that it is clearly the top option. Aside from the name itself, this guide has also expanded on all the premium features that come with Instagram ++.

  • Can I get Instagram ++ on my Android devices?

Yes, Instagram ++ can also be downloaded on your Android devices. For Android devices, you just need to install the APK file and run the application. This process is very simple compared to iOS devices.


All in all, Instagram ++ is a very attractive and fun modified version of the original Instagram app. With all its unique features and the ease of downloading the app, it is definitely worth the trouble to download Instagram ++. Use the methods provided in this guide to get the fastest and safest results.

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