Intel Core i5-12400 Gaming Performance Leak Reveals Stunningly Fast $180 Processor

Today I reported on some impressive performance numbers for Intel’s upcoming low- and mid-range 12th Gen CPUs, proving that it will be a force to be reckoned with at around $ 200. Now we have some even more exciting numbers, courtesy of chil11eddog on Twitter (via Wccftech), who posted a particularly interesting gaming performance graph on the Core i5-12400.

The graph below shows gaming performance on games given at 2,560 x 1,440 using an Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti and here, it offers slightly better performance than the previous CPU flagship – the Core i9-11900K, which would have cost you $ 500 when it was new.

However, the new Core i5-12400 will cost less than $ 200 if you buy the ‘KF’ version that lacks integrated graphics, making it a potentially surprising option for a budget system, especially when paired with one of the newer ones. cheaper motherboards for Intel. 12th Gen CPUs are coming soon.

While you could argue that there is more load on the graphics card at this relatively high resolution, which could explain the similar frame rates, the fact that the same situation is observed in all games, especially in Far Cry 6, than personally. I have found that it offers. A decent scaling on CPUs even at 1440, means we might be looking for a really fast gaming CPU.

The fact that it matches the Core i9-11900K in Far Cry 6 means that it is likely faster than any AMD Zen 3 CPU given at 1,920 x 1080, the Core i9 was faster in my test here as well. The Core i9-11900K also enjoyed an advantage over AMD in Watch Dogs: Legion and Dirt 5.

According to early reports, the Core i5-12400 will feature six P-cores or performance cores and 12 threads, but it lacks the E-cores or efficient cores present in more expensive CPUs which, among other things, increase multi-threaded performance. . Still, the Core i5-10400 and Core i5-11400 were still favorites among PC gamers, and if anything, the Core i5-12400 could be even better.

I’ll be taking a look at new CPUs soon and also big announcements from AMD and other CES 2022 announcements, so follow me here at Forbes for the latest PC hardware news and reviews and don’t forget to check me out on YouTube. Instagram and Facebook too.


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