Intel Raptor Lake CPU Falls to Core i9-12900K, Ryzen 9 5950X in Early Leaked Benchmark

Hardware detective Komachi_Ensaka has unearthed what appears to be the first benchmark for Intel’s Raptor Lake processors. Although Alder Lake just came out recently, Intel is already paving the way for its successor.

BAPCo’s Crossmark software labeled the 13th generation Raptor Lake chip as a “Genuine Intel 0000” processor, so its exact model is unknown at this time. We should therefore take the specs with a pinch of salt, as it is normal for software to misreport unpublished hardware.

According to the report, the Raptor Lake processor allegedly handles 24 cores and 32 logical cores. For reference, the Core i9-12900K comes with eight Golden Cove cores and eight Gracemont cores, for a total of 16 cores and 24 logic cores. The core count may be due to a reporting bug by the software, but most likely Intel increased the Raptor Lake electronic core count. There have been rumors that Intel could add more Gracement cores to Raptor Lake, and the report on the mysterious Raptor Lake processor indicates an 8P + 16E design.

Intel Raptor Lake processor (Image credit: Business Applications Performance Corporation)

The person or company that tested the Raptor Lake processor deleted the shipment from the Crossmark database, which is not too surprising. In fact, Intel has a history of close ties with Business Applications Performance Corporation (BAPCo), the company that created the Crossmark benchmark. We don’t use this benchmark in our own tests, so keep that in mind, especially when looking at AMD’s test results.

Given the time frame, it’s also important to note that the Raptor Lake processor is a sample of early engineering. This means that the clock speeds are not finalized and the software is likely not optimized for it, similar to what we saw with Alder Lake. This initial sample is most likely running at low fixed clock speeds.

Since BapCo’s software is not part of our benchmarking package, we will use HotHardware’s results for comparison. The post paired the Core i9-12900K with DDR5-4800 memory, which is the same data rate used in the Crossmark presentation. Therefore, the results should be comparable.

Intel Raptor Lake CPU benchmarks

Processor general Productivity Creativity Sensitivity
Core i9-12900K 2,376 2,255 2,486 2,430
Ryzen 9 5950X 1,694 1,672 1,746 1,609
Raptor lake 1,591 1,451 1,804 1,442

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