James Gunn Jokes Hilarious Eagle Video Meme Is A Peacemaker Leak

James Gunn trolls fans online by jokingly sharing a fake leaked scene from his upcoming DC series Peacemaker involving John Cena’s pet eagle.

Director James Gunn has trolled fans online with an alleged “leak” of his upcoming DC spinoff series. Pacifier. Gunn, who directed 2021’s Suicide squad, is directing the first live-action series in the DCEU universe on HBO Max. Pacifier follow the main character introduced last year Suicide squad Soft Reboot, played by former WWE star John Cena. Cena’s Peacemaker leads a team of undercover operatives and operatives on top-secret missions to protect freedom. The antihero joins the characters returning from Suicide squadincluding Steve Agee’s John Economos, as well as new heroes like Freddie Stroma’s Adrian Chase.


One of the new prominent characters appearing in the show’s marketing material is Peacemaker’s loyal mascot, Eagly, an American bald eagle who acts as a companion to DC’s satirical character. The unusual mascot adds to Peacemaker’s flair as a larger-than-life American hero (once described by Cena as “A silly Captain America”). While it is unknown how consciously and intentionally the aptly named Eagly fights for peace and freedom in the series, he seems loyal to Cena’s character and has been seen embracing him on his large wings of late. Pacifier trailers and promotions.

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In a new tweet posted by Gunn, the writer-director has trolled eager fans with a fake leaked scene. In a lighthearted tweet lampooning the culture of leaks and online scoops, Gunn jokes “Who leaked this scene from Eagly? Not cool. “Attached to the tweet is a hilarious video of a bald eagle, with animated human arms, edited to carry out numerous ultra-American activities, such as wearing the stars and stripes, playing baseball, and holding the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Featuring the infamous song “America. F ** k yeah “ from Team America: World Police, the parody video will surely have fooled some people, at least for a few seconds. See the original post below:

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Gunn’s tweet, while capturing the satirical tone of his upcoming show, also parodies recent leaks of Marvel and DC content on the big screen, including recent movies like Spider-Man: No way home, in which several huge leaks circulated on Twitter in the months leading up to the film’s release. Gunn’s signature sense of humor has been a key part of DC’s marketing Pacifier series, with the director’s knack for social media also being helpful. Recent viral marketing techniques saw Twitter questions from fans displayed on billboards in Times Square, while Cena himself has also been seen in disguise as the morally questionable hero on TikTok.

Gunn’s fans The Suicide squad The film and the emerging comedy character Cena are eagerly awaiting the new show, which premieres later this month. For many, Eagly will become one of the most beloved newcomers in the DC series. As Gunn jokes about the leaks, it seems like most of PacifierThe plot and surprises are still under wraps with only a few days to go. For now, Peacemaker and Eagly have protected themselves from spoilers, but fans surely haven’t seen Gunn’s latest updates and teases on Twitter, and should make sure to stay tuned for more.

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