January 6 committee news – latest: Damning Trump letter leaked as 91% of backers still think Biden stole vote

Liz Cheney Says Trump Ignored Ivanka’s Calls to Stop Capitol Riots

Documents obtained by a House panel investigating the assault on the US Capitol mounted by pro-Trump rioters nearly a year ago reveal how the former president’s allies planned a campaign to intimidate election officials and spread falsehoods of fraud. electoral.

That revelation came as a new poll as many as 91 percent of Republican voters believed the 2020 election was not won by President Joe Biden “fairly,” in numbers that suggest a widening gap among Americans.

Meanwhile, Biden voters said 75 percent that the false fraud allegations could trigger “another attack like the one on January 6,” according to YouGov and Yahoo.

It was reported that another document obtained by the committee was drawn up for the former president to sign, calling for the seizure of “evidence” in service of the false claims of electoral fraud that prompted the attack and his spurious attempt to revoke the electoral results.

In recent weeks, the committee has accelerated its investigation into the attack, fueled by conspiracy theories that the 2020 presidential election was rigged against Trump, and a violent attempt to reject the votes of millions of Americans.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will comment to mark a year since the attack, according to the White House. On Capitol Hill, lawmakers will hold a memorial service.

Meanwhile, the former president, who has taken on a legal challenge to block the committee’s access to the records, will make comments from Mar-a-Lago reviving his unfounded narrative that his elections were stolen.

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Less than half of Republicans remember the ‘violence’ of the attacks

Less than half of all Republicans who responded to a new poll have said that the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol was not “very or extremely violent.”

In fact, about four in 10 said the attack carried out by Donald Trump supporters was very violent or extremely violent, and three in 10 Republicans said the attack was not violent at all.

The survey, conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, found a sharp divide between Republicans and Democrats, with about nine in 10 of the latter describing January 6 as violent.

The trend follows similar polls that suggest Republicans are more likely to support anti-government violence and feel the 2020 election was stolen, as Trump alleged before the Capitol attack.

Gino SpocchiaJanuary 4, 2022 12:20


The United States could fall into a right-wing dictatorship by 2030

A political science professor warned that the United States could be under a right-wing dictatorship by the end of the decade.

Thomas Homer-Dixon, who is the founding director of the Cascade Institute at Royal Roads University, British Columbia, wrote in a recent editorial that “By 2025, American democracy could collapse, causing extreme internal political instability.”

Homer-Dixon said it could include “widespread civil violence. By 2030, if not before, the country could be ruled by a right-wing dictatorship ”.

His warning comes after a US political science researcher and former US military generals recently warned of growing political instability in the wake of January 6.

Gino SpocchiaJanuary 04, 2022 11:55


How many policemen were injured on January 6?

About 140 police officers, including about 80 officers from the Capitol Police and about 65 officers from the Metropolitan Police Department, were attacked in the attack while on January 6,

Police departments have revealed how injuries suffered ranged from bruises and cuts to concussions, broken ribs and burns, while one police officer even suffered a mild heart attack.

Among the more than 350 suspects still being sought by the FBI, more than 250 are suspected of assaulting law enforcement officers during the attack.

Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was killed during the riot “while physically associating with protesters,” and two other officers were killed in the days and weeks after the riot by suicide, police said.

Gino SpocchiaJanuary 04, 2022 11:35


FBI Still Searching for 350 Capitol Riot Suspects

The FBI is still looking for 350 suspects almost a year after the attack on the United States Capitol that killed five people and injured dozens more.

Thursday will mark exactly one year since Donald Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol to try to stop the certification of electoral college votes for President Joe Biden. The former president had told his followers beforehand to “march” towards the headquarters of Congress.

Around 800 protesters entered the building, attacking law enforcement officers and sending lawmakers fleeing for their lives. More than 725 people have been arrested and some convicted.

Gino SpocchiaJanuary 4, 2022 11:15


One-third of Americans say justice is sometimes justified against the government

Up to 34 percent of those surveyed agreed with the sentiment that it was sometimes “justified for citizens to take violent action against the government.”

Which was just a few percentage points higher than the proportion (29 percent) who said they still believed President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election was illegitimate.

Gino SpocchiaJanuary 4, 2022 10:56


Ivanka told Trump to ‘stop the violence,’ says Liz Cheney

Congresswoman Liz Cheney said Sunday that the House panel investigating Jan. 6 had received eyewitness accounts of how the first family viewed and reacted to the attack on Congress.

She told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos: “We are learning a lot more about what former President Trump was doing while the violent assault was taking place.”

“The committee has first-hand testimony now that I was sitting in the dining room next to the Oval Office watching the attack on television while the assault on the Capitol was taking place.”

While Trump did not use the meeting room next to the Oval Office to convey that message, he did go on to tweet that his supporters were “special” on January 6.

Ms. Cheney added Sunday that “we know her daughter, we have first-hand testimony that her daughter Ivanka went at least twice to ask her to ‘please stop this violence,'” quoting a witness.

“He could have told them to back off. He could have told them to go home, and he didn’t. It is difficult to imagine a more important and more serious breach of duty than that. “

Gino SpocchiaJanuary 4, 2022 10:35


From QAnon Shaman to zip-tie guy: the Capitol’s most notable troublemakers and what happened to them

With the first anniversary of the January 6 uprising at the Capitol looming, more than 700 people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the most serious violation of the building since the War of 1812. Many face only minor charges, but others They are in much more serious trouble, and among those already sentenced are some of the most familiar faces in the abundant images of the day’s events.

As the hard work of identifying, arresting and prosecuting those involved in the riot continues, this is what has happened so far with some of the most notorious figures of the day.

Eleanor SlyJanuary 4, 2022 10:15


Democrats planned ‘contingency elections’ after predicting Trump would try to steal the 2020 election

Democrats began planning a “contingency election” six months before the 2020 election, after realizing that Donald Trump might try to steal the vote.

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat who was closely involved in the former president’s impeachment attempt following the Capitol riots, said preparations began in May 2020 to prevent the election from being stolen.

In his new book Unthinkable: Trauma, Truth, and Evidence of American Democracy, writes: “Trump was going to steal the elections and nothing was going to stop him, not the Electoral College vote, not the popular vote, not the law or the courts.”

“With that increasingly obvious plan in mind, we began to sketch different scenarios for how Trump would work to provoke a constitutional crisis,” Raskin adds.

Eric Garcia has more details:

Rory sullivanJanuary 4, 2022 09:15


Could the January 6 Committee call Indiana Rep. Greg Pence for an interview?

Not long before rioters stormed the Senate on January 6, 2021, Republican Congressman Greg Pence and his more famous brother, then-Vice President Mike Pence, were taken to safety by the Secret Service.

The 65-year-old representative from Indiana has rarely spoken publicly about the events of that day. But last July he said he “couldn’t be more proud” of his brother’s actions.

There is a possibility that the January 6 committee will ask you to relate your experiences, whose members have said they will not give details about the people called.

Rep. Pence twice voted against forming a committee to investigate the attack last year and also voted against impeaching Donald Trump.

Rory sullivanJanuary 04, 2022 08:25


The January 6 riots spark a change in the Capitol Police

In the year since the Capitol assault, the police department charged with protecting the symbolic heart of American democracy has been transformed.

After the attack, Capitol Police leaders were fired for criticism of intelligence failures. During the intervening months, funding for the force has increased by 15 percent and people are more aware of their role.

“It’s a sea change from this year to last year in terms of how the Capitol Police is thinking and operating,” said Chuck Wexler, director of the Police Executive Research Forum. “They are going to be too prepared and ready to be criticized for being too prepared.”

However, there is still fear in some quarters about the force’s ability to respond to another attack.

Rory sullivanJanuary 4, 2022 07:30

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