K-DRAMA: Young-eun’s design is leaked

Below are synopses for this week’s shows on KBFD TV, which televise Korean dramas with English subtitles:

Weekly update

KBFD will air a special two-part end-of-the-year documentary, “Puzzle,” on December 30 at 9:25 p.m. M. And on December 31 at 9:25 p.m. M. Kookminbo was the first publication of a newspaper between 1913 and 1968. The publisher was Kook min Hur, also known as the Korean National Association. This newspaper unified Korean immigrants in Hawai’i and played a pivotal role in Korean independence. This documentary travels to key historical sites in O’ahu and South Korea to trace the ongoing project of collecting over 50 years of publication and collectively making a comprehensive collection with the help of various organizations: Center for Korean Studies, UCLA, and the Korean Independence Hall. Take a look at Korean immigration in ancient Hawai’i through the lens of KBFD.

“Father, I’ll take care of you” Episodes 43 and 44 (Sunday)

Today 6:40 pm: Seongjun goes in search of Donghui after listening to Gwiboon’s talk. Mijoo is stunned by Donghui’s honest manner. Hyejoo comes across unexpected information at the hospital. Hyunwoo has no choice to act when Seongjun can’t leave the Han family.

Today 7:45 pm: Jihoon is upset and disappointed with the elders for not understanding how he feels. Mijoo is anxious when Seongjun visits her late at night. Donghui begins to discover his identity.

Episode 6 of “Now, We Are Breaking Up” (Monday); Episode 7 (Tuesday)

Monday 7:45 pm: Young-eun’s design leaks and the new season of Sono hits a wall. When things seem desperate, Jae-kuk shares a quote of a bird learning to fly with broken wings with Young-eun, inspiring her to break the mold and come up with an innovative idea. Just when Sono was making a fabulous comeback, Young-eun receives a sinister text message.

Tuesday 7:45 pm: Shin Yoo-jung candidly tells Young-eun about his long relationship with Jae-kuk and Soo-wan’s family and Jae-kuk tells him the shocking truth about Soo-wan’s past . Jae-kuk’s feelings for Young-eun haven’t changed, but among them is Soo-wan, and now, Yoo-jung.

Episodes 69 and 70 of “Secrets and Lies” (Wednesday); Episodes 71 and 72 (Thursday)

Wednesday 7:45 pm: Hwa-kyung thinks about doing the unthinkable to Ju-won. Woo-jung goes to the stairs where Ju-won had the accident and tries to find his mother’s phone. Hwa-kyung thinks about doing the unthinkable to Ju-won. Woo-jung goes to the stairs where Ju-won had the accident and tries to find his mother’s phone.

Thursday 7:45 pm: Hwa-kyung visits Ju-won at the hospital. Woo-jung is suspicious of Hwa-kyung and asks the police to investigate Hwa-kyung. Woo-jung and Do-bin enter the tiger’s den to find the truth. Hwa-kyung tries to do the unthinkable when Ju-won regains consciousness.

“Our beloved summer” Episode 1 (Friday); Episode 2 (Saturday)

Friday 7:45 pm: A documentary they filmed in high school is suddenly making a comeback. Each had their own reason for being in the documentary and it became an unforgettable and irresistible memory for them.

Saturday 7:45 pm: Yeon-her visit to Choi Woong for a project with Soen Shop. There is a palpable tension between the two after five years apart. Meanwhile, Ji-woong decides to accept the offer to film a follow-up documentary about the two of them.


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