Kate Middleton, Prince William’s accommodation leaked: report

Royal experts have speculated about Kate Middleton and Prince William’s accommodation plans for their visit to the United States.

Royal commentator and expert Neil Sean brought this news to light in his latest YouTube video.

He began by admitting: “There is growing speculation about where and when exactly the Duke and Duchess would reside when they left for the United States. They are not just visiting one place, of course they are going to various states. “

He also made it clear that “the debate” is already underway “on the reason” if the Duke and Duchess will make a call to that beautiful place called Montecito.

Before concluding, he also made a joke, adding, “I can’t see it myself! Can? Sharing the bathroom, or even using the multi mixer in the kitchen, or even the waffle maker Her Majesty sent as a gift! “

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