Keqing Skin Leak, Keqing Costume Leak

A new Genshin impact The version 2.4 leak has been circulating on social media lately. This is a Keqing Skin leak that occurred after Ningguang Skin leak.

Shortly after the Ningguang Skin reveal, Twitter user @ snezhn4ya tweeted the Ningguang Hide next to a supposed Keqing Hide.

The two leaked skins will reportedly come out as part of the upcoming Lantern Rite event that coincides with the Chinese New Year. This will come out in Genshin impactversion 2.4. We will likely receive a confirmation on these leaks once the live broadcast of the special program begins this Sunday, December 26, 2021.

Many fans are more skeptical of Keqing’s design than Ningguang’s design, mainly because of the character design. Many are skeptical that Keqing’s outfit is not combat ready, although his outfit fits the occasion of the Lantern Rite event. The two leaked skins also match the 1.6 costumes: one costume for a 5-star character and one for a 4-star character. Following this pattern could mean that Ningguang’s costume will also be obtainable for free through event activities. After the Lantern Rite event, it is expected that both skins can be purchased using Genesis Crystals.

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