Kerala Police cop suspended for leaking sensitive information to SDPI

Kerala police suspended their officer PK Anas, who allegedly worked as a mole for the radical Islamic political group Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and leaked confidential information, including details of RSS workers to SDPI.

SDPI is the political front of the Islamic organization Popular Front of India.

PK Anas is a civilian police officer from the Karimannoor police station. After his alleged connection to SDPI came to light, he was assigned to the Idukki District Police Headquarters. Anas was later suspended following an internal Kerala police investigation which confirmed that he had participated in a criminal conspiracy with SDPI to share confidential information, posing a threat to people’s lives.

The copy of the transfer order from PK Anas, who shared confidential information, including details of RSS workers, to SDPI.

The policeman’s link to SDPI came to light after some SDPI workers were arrested in an assault case. In Thodupuzha, six SDPI workers had dragged a KSRTC driver, Madhusoodhan, and assaulted him for posting sensitive messages to the community on Facebook. Madhusoodhan was attacked while traveling with his children. He had allegedly shared a caricature of the prophet.

When Kerala police examined the mobile phones of SDPI activists arrested in the case, it was found that one of the accused was in constant contact with Karimannur CPO PK Anas. Anas had sent contact details, whereabouts and other confidential information related to RSS workers to SDPI activists via WhatsApp.

VS Jithin Dev, the BJP secretary for Thiruvananthapuram Zone, reportedly SDPI and PFI have raised significant assets in Kerala police, which is cause for concern.

“There is a group in the Kerala police force called ‘pacha velicham’ (means green light) for these kinds of activities.

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