Kobe Bryant’s Crash Photos LEAKED BY COPS FOR MONEY


The images were sent of the bodies of the Los Angeles Lakers star, Kobe Bryant, Gianna, his daughter (13 years old) and seven other people who died in the accident related to the helicopter crash that occurred near Los Angeles in January 2020. to at least 28 devices. The devices were owned by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department personnel and a dozen firefighters. The reports came as in accordance with the recent Lawsuit filed by Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa Bryant and her legal team.

The papers filed in court are based on statements given by the forensic department’s investigation of cell phones and other devices. He shows the network that is created by sharing the photos and how widely these photos were disseminated. Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa Bryant is filing a lawsuit against the county and some agencies related to him and the employees. She claimed to be distressed on her emotional side, regarding this incident. On the other hand, the county department dismissed their complaint and said they worked together to prevent the images from reaching the public as soon as officers found out.

Many of those who actually viewed the images have given descriptions that remain in an unfiltered term. The lawsuit was filed to respond to Los Angeles County’s motion in November of the summary judgment being withdrawn to request dismissal of the lawsuit. The hearing of the case is scheduled for the 27th December of this year.

The attorney, Louis Miller, who has been hired by the county to fight the case, mentioned in his statement that the county has shown sympathy for the loss of Vanessa Bryant, but also said the county has not. nothing bad.

One of the Los Angeles County emergency department workers said they gave their response to the crash site and, at her request, organized a no-fly zone. They did their best to keep the paparazzi and the public away from the site. They also confirmed that a single photo related to the investigation was never publicly shared. Los Angeles County did its duty and the lawsuit against it is pointless.

Venessa Bryant’s legal team spokesperson has objected to the county’s statement. His statement mentioned that the unrestricted sharing of photographs between employees without reasonable cause for investigation has resulted in public misunderstanding. The presentation of the lawyer has the statements of the workers to disseminate the images in it. On the other hand, the forensic department has its evidence after thoroughly investigating the workers’ phones. According to the submissions, Los Angeles County Fire Department Public Information Officer Tony Imbrenda sent the photos to a handful of firefighters and a few others at the gala honoring the emergency workers event.

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