Latest Android Joker App Fools 1000+ Users: Do Not Download or Risk Losing Money

Despite all the recent warnings, more than 1000 smartphones fell victim to the Android Joker app again. Unfortunately for other users, the infection could continue to spread in different applications on the Google Play Store.

Earlier this month, many Android users complained about Joker’s malware infections. One of their most recent attack strategies is an app called Color Message, which was used to fool more than 500,000 Android users.

Android Joker App Malware – A Problem on Android

For reference, Joker is a Trojan infection that tricks users with seemingly legitimate apps on the Google Play Store. Once installed, the malware infects user data and launches a series of attacks.

Joker is classified as fleeceware, which implies that it could steal SMS messages and manipulate victims’ smartphones to subscribe to unwanted premium paid services. But in a much more severe case, Joker’s apps could also access and steal user data like their contact lists.

Worse still, Joker is incredibly difficult to spot and eliminate. When installed, it occasionally disguises its icon, effectively fooling the mobile operating system.

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Android Joker Apps List on Google Play Store

Experts are doing their best to warn others about this growing threat in the mobile space. One of them is a Kaspersky Android malware analyst named Tatyana Shishkova, which constantly publishes updates on infected Google applications.

To avoid falling victim to the Android Joker app, users are advised to avoid the following apps. They should also uninstall the program if it is already installed on their device as soon as possible.

1. Beauty Camera Photo Editor

2. Multi-language keyboard and battery charging animation wallpaper

3. OneSuper Launcher

4. Simple blood sugar

5. Colorful wallpaper

6. Cartoon keyboard and color keyboard

7. Camera translator, smart emoji message, blood pressure checker and imagination camera

8. Good translator

It is worth noting that all of these applications have various developers and categories. All the apps also appear to be legitimate due to their photo gallery. This makes it incredibly difficult for users to determine whether an application is infected by malware or not.

How to bypass the Android Joker app on the Google Play Store

Fortunately, Google seems to be aware of the problem. They have currently removed more than 1,700 apps that they found to be infected by malware. At the time of writing, all download links for the infected application have been removed from the system.

To avoid Android Joker app, users are advised to download apps only from legitimate sources. Users can also try doing a little research on the app, such as checking its history, before downloading it. Users should also keep up to date with the latest information on the Joker app by following Shishkova’s Twitter account.

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