Leaked audio: Maryam frustrated, Rashid annoyed by ‘barking dogs’

An audio fragment of a conversation. allegedly between PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz Sharif and Pervaiz Rashid has been leaked, SAMAA TV reported.

They are talking about journalists who can be called “PML-N spokespersons” on the show. Report card which airs on Geo TV.

The discussion focuses on journalists who oppose the party and criticize its leadership.

It can be inferred that Maryam Nawaz is about to meet someone who is part of the channel’s management or has information about the internal workings of the channel. Rashid is telling Maryam what she should ask that person.

“They have a scorecard of the program [Report Card]. On that show, you know that there is a Hasan Nisar who insults us a lot, ”says Rashid.

Maryam Nawaz responds that Irshad Bhatti is now also part of the program.

They have also added Irshad Bhatti. You know he talks trash, ”says Rashid.

“Mazhar Abbas’s inclination is also against us. Include sarcasm and jokes. Sometimes he turns the discussion around to make fun of us. [PML-N]. “

Rashid regrets that there is no panelist on that show who can be called a spokesperson for PML-N. ”

Rashid adds that Hafeezullah Niazi was a person on that show who would treat Imran Khan the same way that Nisar and Bhatti treat PML-N.

“The way that [Nisar or Bhatti] abuse us, he used to do the same with Imran Khan. But now they took him off the program and even stopped his column. ”

To this, Maryam Nawaz says that she would ask the person why Niazi has been removed from the show.

“I would like to ask you to speak to this person and also to Mir Shakil,” says Rashid.

“First, let me know the inside story of this person,” says Maryam.

“If they do such an unbalanced program … There was a check on Imran Khan and they have removed him, but the dogs that bark at us have been added.” [to the show]”Rashid says.

Maryam called it total bias of the canal’s management.

Abbas, Bhatti, Nisar are panelists for the show, while Niazi has been a part of the show in the past.

At this point, there is some interruption in the audio and the topic changes to Maryam Nawaz giving instructions on the gifts to be sent to two journalists.

“The two baskets that Abbu jan brought from Azerbaijan which Kainat packed [last] night, one will be sent to Nusrat Javed, the other to Rana Jawwad. ”

Javed is a journalist who has been on talk shows on various news channels. Rana Jawwad is the news director for Geo TV.

Reactions to audio leakage

Mazhar Abbas tweeted about the audio leak saying that he is proud of his journalism and critical insight.

The prime minister’s special assistant in political communication, Shehbaz Gill, tweeted that Maryam Nawaz first destroyed her father and his party, then claimed that two major media outlets were biased, now “strengthening” the independence of the media through their words.


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