Leaked build of Android 13 surfaces with new features and minor changes


Anonymous, 23 hours agoI think they ran out of ideas. Google is thinking of replacing Android anywayAlready, with a more draconian surveillance system, possibly a closer one, not open source.


Vikass17, December 24, 2021They don’t have much to do after Android 5. Keep messing with the design.Is not true. They copy each and every function of other original equipment manufacturers’ skins. They literally grow up copying. They are more Chinese than Chinese.
And of course they copy any information from us, and that’s the main reason they exist. They don’t care about Android, they care about the information that can be used for some of the clients like CIA / NSA (yes, they helped acquire Android) and others.
For them, privacy is a concept in which you cannot access someone else’s phone, but they can and do allow your data to go to those who pay them.

All Google is doing is selling information to the highest bidder, and Android is specially developed for that.


Techfun, 20 hours agoFuchsia will take control of you in the future, android will die soonThat’s what they said 3 years ago. Android already dead?


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Android is always innovative. iOS is always late.


lefedabi, 16 hours agoyes yes “iOS is more advanced than Android in many ways” Please wait until Apple & qu … moreStop being a fanatic.
It had a split screen since 2012, thanks to the Samsung Note 2, so Google didn’t help there.

Many innovations came to our phones from many areas and competitors. This is a good thing. Encourage competition and innovation. Don’t be narrow-minded, caught up in “we were copied”, and so on. You shouldn’t discount products because of a logo. Thank Apple and all the Android participants who push the boundaries in different ways.


Kangal, 19 hours agoI don’t need an amateur YouTuber like MKBHD to tell me which one is more fluent. I’d rather judge … moreYes Yes
“iOS is more advanced than Android in many ways”
Wait until Apple “invents” the split screen that Google has since Android 5


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Small adjustments are hardly worth it and there is nothing to get excited about. It would be better to have release cycles of two or three years.


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rizki1, 18 hours agoI’m more excited about the new skinned Android updates than stocks.😂😂😂 True 👍


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Kangal, 19 hours agoI don’t need an amateur YouTuber like MKBHD to tell me which one is more fluent. I’d rather judge … moreSad!


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Kangal, 19 hours agoI don’t need an amateur YouTuber like MKBHD to tell me which one is more fluent. I’d rather judge … moregood essay that nobody will read


I’m more excited about the new skinned Android updates than stocks.


lefedabi, 22 hours agoWatch YouTube comparing S21 ultra with iPhone 13 pro max, you will see which one is smoother One … moreI don’t need an amateur YouTuber like MKBHD to tell me which one is more fluent.
I prefer to judge on the basis of facts and more objective professionals in this field. Or better yet, I can make that comparison myself between the two phones.

He stated that Android 12 is at least 10 years ahead of iOS 15.
…. that is certainly not true.
In any case, iOS is more advanced than Android in many respects, as I have already shown above. Whereas Android was designed with a different concept in mind.

The Android operating system has to compete against Symbian, MeeGo, BadaOS, Tizen, palmOS, webOS, FirefoxOS, BlackberryOS, QNX, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, etc. You have to compete against all these potential alternatives. And you have to beat them, for OEMs to choose Google’s Android operating system. On top of all that, Google needs to make sure it gets developers and other big contracts. Its alot. This is why AndroidOS was designed with an open source design, using the legacy Linux kernel and a Java operating system. It is malleable and can accept code in many ways.

iOS doesn’t have to do that. Apple competes against itself. iOS is about security, performance, and efficiency. This is why iOS slowly evolves to become more complex, while Android evolves to try to be more agile.

Google couldn’t just make its own iPhone and dominate the ecosystem with Android. They certainly would have failed. They needed the original equipment manufacturers to make the phones and instead adopted Google as an ecosystem. And Google didn’t have the developers that Apple and Microsoft had, they needed to appeal to each and every one, which is why their SDK was so open. They ended up acquiring a small Californian company called “Android” and using it to develop a Blackberry competitor. That changed in the last minute after the introduction of the original iPhone. And suffice it to say they were in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment, the right money, and the right connections. And as they say, history did its thing, and here we are.

^ Now, that context was absolutely necessary to explain why the two ecosystems are the way they are.

Google did what it needed to get to this position. If Google had bought Nokia in its prime, 2005, it would be a different circumstance. So they could have developed the ecosystem to be more stable, less configurable, less open, and more robust. But their conversations fell through and they followed the other plan outlined above.

After all that was said, Apple proved to be right and Google was wrong. You must first design your ecosystem to be safe, then efficient, and then efficient. Other aspects like feature set and openness are secondary priorities. Apple’s task is difficult, but they have steadily progressed in evolving iOS to make it more open and feature-rich. While Google’s task is impossible, try to lose weight. It becomes exponentially more and more impossible to make software more efficient over time, as Moore’s Law shows. Once again, Google was unsuccessful in their conversations with Nokia in 2005, and they did not have the privilege / position that they have now.

Despite saying all that, I am an Android user. iOS is great, but it is a personal choice for me. Due to their different fundamentals, they both have their unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, Apple makes it easy for developers to build applications by providing the best SDK in the industry. Google does a lousy job at that. However, Google allows developers to create Android apps using many different languages ​​and code bases, while Apple limits it to two or three. Android Market is a free and open space for most developers to share their code. The iOS apps are curated so it’s a walled garden, but this ensures higher quality at the expense of quantity. The iOS operating system is more optimized on hardware, but the Android operating system can be modified by an OEM to run on alternative devices (watch, head unit, refrigerator, smart TV, home assistant, etc., etc.).
… so I really appreciate Apple and all its innovations, but I choose Android!

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