Leaked chat between Bartomeu and Dani Alves reveals the defender wanted to return to Barca in 2019

When former Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu is supposed to have reached his lowest point, the man manages to lower himself even more. After years of controversy, including squandering the club’s income, paying the media to attack their players, laundering money and all that, it seems that he has been filtering WhatsApp chats.

A 2019 conversation between him and Dani Alves has hit the media, where the pair talks about the possible return of the Brazilian to the club.

The conversation reads as follows:

Alves: “Mr. President, how are you? I want to go home and play the 2022 World Cup as a Barça player. Let’s put pride aside. We both need each other! “

Bartomeu: “Hello Dani. No problem, but technical staff must agree. Did you talk to Abidal? Big hug. Barto “.

Alves: “I can talk to him if you want!”

Bartomeu: “I’ll inform Abi and you can call each other.”

After this conversation made its way to social media, Alves did not hesitate before launching a cryptic response to it on his Twitter.

The tweet seems to suggest that the 38-year-old was willing to overcome his differences with Bartomeu and return to the club solely because of his love for Barcelona. It translates into: “For those who really care about Barça, we would do whatever it takes. Life knows what everyone deserves. I am sorry, thanks “.

This could be the beginning of another long saga or it could be the end of one. Either way, the drama hits Barcelona like no other club on the continent.

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