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A GitHub user who goes by the name “Widevinedump” has published several repositories that allow people to download HD videos from popular streaming platforms, including Disney +, Amazon, and Netflix. The code appears to be the real thing, but “free” usage is quite limited and may not be very secure either.


With more ways to stream video online than ever before, protecting video remains a key issue for copyright holders.

This is often accomplished through Digital Rights Management, often referred to by the initials DRM. Simply put, DRM is an anti-piracy tool that dictates when and where digital content can be accessed.

Widevine DRM is one of the major players in the field. Google-owned technology is used by many of the largest streaming services, including Amazon, Netflix, and Disney +. As such, keeping it safe is vital.

Widevine DRM

Widevine DRM comes in different levels. The L1 variant is the safest, followed by L2 and L3. While the latter still protects content from being easily downloaded, it is certainly not impossible to avoid it, as hackers have repeatedly shown.

4K leaks are not so unique anymore. The tools to bypass the strictest protection are available through private channels and have been floating in public for a few days as well.

A developer named “Widevinedump” posted a collection of download tools on GitHub. These include ‘DISNEY-4K-SCRIPT’, ‘Netflix-4K-Script’, ‘WV-AMZN-4K-RIPPER’, ‘HBO-MAX-BLIM-TV-Paramount-4k-Downloader’, ‘APPLE-TV- 4K -Downloader ‘and several others.


TorrentFreak spoke to a source who confirmed that these scripts are actually real. That being said, they appear to be relatively old code snippets that may not be the most secure. Using these tools could get someone kicked out of a streaming platform, or perhaps worse.

Do you pay to play?

There is another important issue that arouses suspicion. Most of the download tools do not come with the Content Decryption Module (CDM) which is included to download 4K content. To get access to that, people have to buy it from the leaker, who writes that people can contact them via email.


That being said, there is also a free L1 content decryption module posted on the ‘LenovoTB-X505X-L1-KEY’ repository. A reliable source confirmed to TorrentFreak that this CDM is really working. However, as Widevinedump also points out, it may not be active for much longer.

“Working L1 CDM FOR NETFLIX AND ALL SITES | AMZN-DSNP-Blocked |. Note that this CDM will burn in 2-3 days, so use as much as you can, ”writes Widevinedump.


While these leaks are a huge blow to streaming platforms, which go to great lengths to keep their content safe, the developer has another agenda. In addition to selling CDM, the code was apparently leaked to “punish” some people on Discord, which we assume was shared privately.

“Hello! My name is WVDUMP. I’m leaking the CDM to burn it and punish some idiots who think they are dicord lords [sic]”, Writes the developer.

It goes without saying that using these tools can create all kinds of problems and is clearly in violation of the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provisions. As such, we doubt that they will stay on GitHub much longer.

That said, when something leaks on the internet, it is generally quite difficult to put the genie back in the bottle.

Video posted by Widevinedump

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