Leaked dealer information tips 2022 Ford Maverick price increase

The auto industry has been hit hard by the chip shortage plaguing the world. The short supply of microchips has led to delays in the production of many vehicles and a short supply for others. Ford has been particularly hard hit during the pandemic and the resulting chip shortage, with several of its very popular vehicles not available to most buyers. Those vehicles include the new small, inexpensive Maverick pickup, Bronco and Bronco Sport models.

Unfortunately for those who wanted the hybrid version of the Maverick, Ford confirmed not long ago that the hybrid truck was sold out until next summer. When the truck is back in production next summer, it will be as a 2022 model. Unfortunately, a leaked bulletin Ford sent to its dealer network indicates that truck prices are increasing slightly in the new model year.

Price increase

According to the leaked newsletter posted on the Maverick Truck Club forum, the new retail price increases are in effect as of December 27, 2021. The starting MSRP for the XLT series has increased by $ 80. That is not a significant increase from no way. It’s also worth noting upfront that there is no price increase for the popular entry-level XL model, meaning the truck will start at less than $ 20,000 without the destination fee.

Pricing for the Lariat version will go up $ 370 by 2022. Anyone wanting the 43L power tilt / moonroof option will pay $ 200 more. Additionally, Ford is increasing the price of its 86B Co-Pilot360 driver assistance and safety system by $ 110. The Maverick Lariat luxury package option 54P gets the most significant price increase for 2022 at $ 410 more than the model. 2021.

Buyers of the 54L or 54B XLT Deluxe Package will pay an additional $ 155 for those options. Another price increase is the Roadside Assistance Kit which goes up to $ 10. Ford is also raising the price of the first aid kit by $ 10. Those are modest price increases, admittedly, but considering the shortage of supply and the High demand for the Maverick, no one forced to wait until next summer to buy the new truck wants to pay more.

It’s also worth noting that Ford notes that 2022 model units billed before the new prices went into effect on December 27, 2021, will not be billed again. That means anyone who has already ordered delivery of the Maverick 2022 next summer and has been billed will not be charged the new price.

Maverick details

In addition to the price changes mentioned above, the 2022 Ford Maverick remains unchanged. That’s no surprise considering the truck debuted only a few months ago. The market has responded extremely positively to the Maverick, and it’s the cheapest new truck available in the US.

Credit: Ford

The Maverick XL, which again sees no price increases for 2022, continues to start below $ 20,000 without the destination and shipping charge. As we’ve noted before, it’s worth noting that once destination and delivery charges are added, the cheapest Maverick available will cost over $ 20,000.

Ford offers the Maverick with a standard hybrid engine capable of reaching 42 MPG in the city. That kind of fuel economy is impressive for any vehicle, but even more so in a truck capable of hauling 1,500 pounds of payload in the bed and towing 2,000 pounds on all models. That means it’s a real truck capable of doing most of what the average homeowner would want, in addition to hauling ATVs or small RVs.

The truck is well loaded too, even in its basic form with an infotainment system that uses Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The infotainment system is the same on all trim levels. Considering that most people use Apple or Android smartphones, the navigation and other app features that come from the phone are ideal as the phones are easily updated when needed.

While the standard powertrain for the Maverick is the hybrid engine, Ford offers a more powerful 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine option that can be combined with all-wheel drive. With the larger engine, Ford also offers a towing package that makes the truck capable of towing 4000 pounds. However, it forgoes the insanely impressive 42 MPG fuel economy the hybrid offers for the added power.

When equipped with the EcoBoost option, the Maverick is capable of 23 MPG city, 30 MPG highway, and 26 MPG combined for front-wheel drive models. Installing the all-wheel drive truck will cost you one MPG across the board. Compare that to 42 MPG city, 33 MPG highway and 37 MPG combined for the hybrid, and many will choose to stick with the standard engine option.

During our testing, even when the Maverick hybrid was carrying 1,000 pounds in the box, it still hits 40 MPG in the city. Even with the price increases, the Maverick will remain one of the cheapest new trucks in its class.

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