Leaked Fortnite trailer reveals Spider-Man and a new island for Chapter 3

From Fortnite Chapter 2 comes to an end on Saturday, but a trailer for Chapter 3 has already been leaked, reportedly by Epic Games’ Polish YouTube channel (via Kotaku). Based on the trailer, the next chapter is set to be a significant update, adding a new island, new mechanics, and your friendly Spider-Man island.

The island from Chapter 3 appears to have many new areas to explore, including the Daily Bugle and a location reminiscent of Aztec-themed Sunny Steps. From Fortnite first chapter. There seem to be new ways to get around, like sliding downhill to get some extra speed and swinging from high places. And it seems that you will be able to recover hidden weapons from previous games using tents, which could add some additional strategy to play a few rounds with your friends.

The leaked trailer shows some new playable characters joining the game, including Spider-Man (who appears to be available in the battle pass) and skins for Marcus Fenix ​​and Kait Diaz from Gears of war. Epic also appears to be adding The Foundation, a mystery character from Chapter 2 who could be played by Dwayne Johnson.

One thing the trailer doesn’t reveal is exactly when Fortnite Chapter 3 will be available. The black hole’s downtime between Chapters 1 and 2 lasted almost two days; hopefully we won’t have to wait that long to move on to the new island in Chapter 3.

If you want to watch the end-of-chapter event, you may want to log in soon as it starts at 4pm ET on Saturday.

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