Leaked image shows who was originally going to win the WWE Championship match before Brock Lesnar was added

Obviously, since Brock Lesnar was a late addition to the main event, the plans for the end of the match were changed and Lesnar left the show as the new WWE Champion.

The account @WWEonFOX tweeted the results of the show and under the photo of Lesnar, it says that Big E defeated Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. The image was quickly removed, but you can see it below. It is possible that the person running that account simply made a mistake and does not know the results beforehand, but the account has likely received a notice so that graphics, like the one shown below, can be published in a way timely.

At the end of the show, they teased a Lashley vs Lesnar singles match as both men looked at each other as the show ended. Announcers also wondered what Roman Reigns thinks of Lesnar winning the title, so it’s clear their feud isn’t over. Lashley has wanted a match with Lesnar for years and it looks like he will get it soon, perhaps at the Royal Rumble.

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