Leaked Photo Shows Possible Box for Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti

Despite the technology shortage still continuing, Nvidia is looking into a number of releases, with a new leak showing the possible 3090 Ti box.

Close-up photo of the top of an Nvidia RTX graphics card.

As the world prepares to enter 2022, it appears that companies like Nvidia They are preparing to launch a flood of graphics cards onto the market before many have a chance to remove their Christmas decorations. With Intel poised to release its Alchemist card in the second quarter of next year, it appears the “green team” is fighting for a chance to stay on top, seemingly drowning out the noise of their latest rival. With that, there have been rumors of an RTX 3090 Ti card on the horizon, and a new leak shows what appears to be the ASUS-branded box.


A leaker has uploaded a recent photo to Twitter that appears to show a large box that, based on the text at the top, contains the Nvidia 3090 Ti. Not much else is known about the product, but it is interesting that there are no GPU details to be seen anywhere. On the box, you can see that it has PCIe 4.0, which, according to a report, was originally thought to be PCI 5.0. There is also a section of the photo that is cut off just before anyone can see exactly how much memory this thing has, if it is the product in question.

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With the rumored RTX 3080 Ti supposedly coming with 24GB of RAM, it’s quite possible that that’s what’s printed on the front of the box. However, at this stage, it is impossible to tell from photography. If this graphics card hits the market in January 2022, which is the supposed launch date, it is almost certain that it will be one of the most powerful cards on the market today, as it is an improved version of the 3090 that is considered quite robust. to get started. This could put some pressure on Intel, and even AMD, to make a splash if they intend to stay afloat in terms of high-end hardware.

It’s not just about the most powerful GPUs that Nvidia is looking for. Recently, some entry-level RTX and MX portable GPUs made headlines, potentially taking over the area of ​​the market for those looking for affordable graphics cards and / or laptops. The company also recently launched a rebrand of its three-year-old RTX 2060, with just 12GB of RAM instead of 6GB. Unfortunately, that did not go very well.

With the new but old RTX 2060 12GB in short supply, and retailers in the US and UK scrambling to stock it, the question arises of how anyone will be able to get hold of the 3090 Ti. Technology shortages continue unabated, much of which is due to the ongoing pandemic, so Nvidia however, you will likely find it difficult to get your latest graphics cards in the hands of consumers.

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