Leaked Starfield screenshot hearkens back to NASA’s golden age

A recently released Starfield screenshot shows a golden dome straight out of a NASA space station concept.

Starfield Leaked Screenshot Dating Back to NASA's Golden Age 111 |  TweakTown.com


New assets have started to appear from the 2018 Starfield leak, giving players an idea of ​​the overall style, scope, and feel of the upcoming space RPG. Bethesda has been very open about the vibes of Starfield’s golden age space race, drawing inspiration from the era of the late ’60s and’ 70s when high-tech futurism and imaginative concepts merged with science. We’ve already seen how Starfield borrows from artists and visionaries like John Berkey, Syd Mead, and Ralph McQuarrie, who shaped the Star Wars universe, but is also grounded in realism.

The unique screenshot of the new but old Starfield asset shows a golden dome that uses real-life Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) found on satellites, stations and other spacecraft. Admittedly, it’s not much to go on, but it further exemplifies the early asset planning images Bethesda was unveiling, and we’re likely to see distant suns glow as we explore the far reaches of the Starfield universe.

Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022 on Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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