LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Set Leaks

Images of an official LEGO set depicting Green Hill Zone from the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise are circulating online.

UPDATE: The LEGO Company officially announced the Sonic the Hedgehog This set will be available to purchase starting January 1 for $ 69.99 USD.

An official LEGO set based on the iconic SEGA video game franchise. Sonic the Hedgehog It is expected to be formally announced in the near future.

Based on a listing of the Free Label product, as discovered by Twitter user Jordan Middler, the set is part of the LEGO Ideas line and represents one of the most iconic levels in the franchise: Green Hill Zone. The box includes a minifigure of Sonic the Hedgehog himself, as well as what appears to be a recreation of Dr. Robotnik. Beyond that, the set features a small collection of gold rings, suspended in midair with clear holders, as well as a Crabmeat and a Moto Bug, two enemies that fans of the series will no doubt recognize.

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Although the size of the set is currently unknown, the image indicates that it consists of 1,125 pieces. If he Sonic the Hedgehog The set will include some type of LEGO-like functionality. Super Mario sets is unclear, but since this collaboration was achieved through the Ideas initiative, it is unlikely to feature unique mechanics.

The existence of the Sonic the Hedgehog the set shouldn’t be a surprise. Designed by Viv Grannell, LEGO confirmed that the project would be sold as an official product in early 2021. The leaked set appears to include several key differences from the one presented by Grannell, which was inspired by Sonic mania. The most significant change is that of Dr. Robotik, who is sitting in a floating vehicle instead of a giant mechanical suit.

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The LEGO Ideas initiative is a program that allows LEGO fans to launch and create their own concepts for official decorations. Once something is proposed, users can vote to support the design. If an Idea gains enough traction, it is analyzed by an official LEGO engineer with the ultimate goal of turning it from a work of imagination into a reality. The LEGO Ideas collection includes sets like the ship in a bottle, the grand piano and a typewriter. Sonic wouldn’t be the first pop culture icon to be adapted to LEGO through this show; fans can buy and build themed sets Friends, Voltron Y Home alone. Recently, a LEGO PlayStation 2 was sent to the show and its support is constantly growing.

The Sonic the Hedgehog The LEGO set is apparently scheduled to launch in 2022.

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Source: Free Market, Twitter

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