Lieutenant Colonel, two other Armymen booked for ‘leaking’ answer key of recruitment exam

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Pune, has booked a serving Army officer of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel along with two other Army personnel for allegedly leaking the answer keys for an examination conducted for Army recruitment. at the beginning of this year. The alleged malpractices were discovered when the IWC was investigating a previous bribery case in which two members of the military were arrested in November.

In a joint operation with the Indian Army, the IWC arrested two Pune-serving Army Havildars in November on charges of bribery in the process of recruiting civilian personnel for an Army Artillery Corps formation located in the city. .

Havildar Susant Nahak and Havildar Naveen Kumar were arrested for demanding and accepting money from candidates in the recruitment process for various ‘C’ Group civilian positions through an examination organized by the Army Artillery Corps, Pune, in 2019.

According to the latest FIR, the investigation in the November case revealed that Nahak and his rank control officer Lieutenant Colonel, whose name has not yet been disclosed, were involved in another recruitment process for the selection of personnel for various trades to through the exam conducted in 2020. -21. The investigation revealed that on September 8 of this year, the Lieutenant Colonel allegedly sent the answer key to the questionnaire to a cell phone number registered in the name of Nahak’s wife. From that number, the response keys were sent to the phone number of the wife of an army sepoy identified as Alok Kumar with an Army Artillery Corps formation in Pune, authorities said.

A CBI official said their investigation has also uncovered money transfers made by Kumar’s wife to Nahak. In addition, telephone conversations between Lt. Col. Nahak, Alok Kumar and his wife point to their involvement in various bad practices in the recruitment exam, including the leakage of response codes to candidates in exchange for money, the official added.

Following the November action, the CBI conducted searches at various facilities of the two suspects and the incriminating documents were seized, authorities said. The last FIR was registered under the Corruption Prevention Act against Lieutenant Colonel, Nahak, Kumar and his wife on December 18.


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