Major water leak near Coimbatore Collectorate plugged

The Coimbatore Corporation plugged a leak in a water pipe near the Collector here Thursday.

The sources said that while executing the 24×7 drinking water supply improvement work near the Collector on Wednesday night, workers noticed sewage flowing into the trench they had dug.

Suspecting that it was not just sewage, but sewage mixed with drinking water, workers involved in the work traced the leak to the water pipe at the Old Post Office Road-Avinashi Road junction.

The sources said the engineers supervising the work tested the water for chlorine content and after the result came back positive they confirmed that the water flowing into the trench had potable water.

They then traced the water pipe to identify the leak near the crossing, the sources said, adding that the leak was from an old, disused five-inch cast iron pipe.

Although the pipe was long disused, recent work at the crossing (underground drainage or fiber optic cable work) had damaged the mannequin that was used to plug an opening in the cast iron pipe.

From the damage, the water flowed into sewage, sources said. The old disused cast iron pipeline carried water from the Corporation’s tank near VOC Park.

By 11 am Thursday, workers had plugged the leak to resume work on the potable water pipeline 24/7, the sources added.


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