Meadows: ‘Leaked’ text messages from Fox News hosts have been ‘weaponized’ by committee

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said the text messages sent to him by Fox News opinion anchors in the midst of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol have been “armed” in an attempt President TrumpDonald Trump Christmas Caller to Biden: ‘Merry Christmas and Let’s Go Brandon’ Biden’s Confusing US Trade Policy Deserves a 21st Century Supreme Court MORE in a negative light.

“They have text message reports that they say you gave them that show Fox hosts saying, ‘Hey, you have to get this under control, Trump needs to say something. Don Jr. saying something.

“What is your response to all of this tonight?”

Meadows said it has tried to be “very transparent and accommodating” with the committee.

“We have gone to great lengths, in a very transparent and accommodating way, to share non-inside information,” Meadows said. “And what we found tonight is that not only was that ignored, but then they tried to turn the text messages into weapons, selectively filter them, to give a narrative, frankly, that the president did not act.”

The committee unveiled a series of text messages from Fox News anchors on Monday. Sean HannitySean Patrick Hannity 5 Trump Quotes That Indicate He Will Run In 2024 Equilibrium / Sustainability – Presented By Southern Company – Otters Pillage Singapore’s Ponds And Roads The Memo: Failure Of A Big Bill Would Cause A Cascade Of Troubles For Biden MORE, Laura ingrahamLaura Anne Ingraham What We Have Learned From The Meadows Papers Brad Parscale Says The Jan 6 Committee Issued A Subpoena For Their Phone Records Who Will Leave Fox News Next? PLUS and Brian Kilmeade sent him to Meadows on January 6 asking him to get the president to do something to stop the attack.

“Mark, the president needs to tell people on Capitol Hill to go home. This is hurting us all. He’s destroying his legacy, ”Ingraham wrote to Meadows, according to phone records obtained by the committee.

Kilmeade, in his own text message to Meadows, told him that the attack was “destroying all that it had accomplished.”

None of the three presenters named by the committee for texting Meadows on January 6 acknowledged his messages to the former chief of staff during his daily shows on Monday and Tuesday morning.

Meadows appeared on Hannity’s show, claiming that Trump “acted swiftly” to quell the violence that erupted on Capitol Hill on January 6.

Newsmax, which has a decidedly smaller audience than Fox, has become an alternative conservative news network for viewers loyal to Trump, as the former president and his allies have criticized the network and other mainstream media outlets for discrediting. his false claims about the elections. integrity during and after the 2020 presidential race.

“A lot of conservative outlets are running away from this story,” host Rob Schmitt said while interviewing Meadows on Monday. “We’re not afraid of it here. I think it’s a tremendously exaggerated story. I also think it was a very bad day for this country. I don’t think it was as bad as the Democrats think.”


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