MIUI 13 logo and features leak – infinity scroll, small widgets and sidebar shown on video

The Xiaomi 12 will be unveiled later this month, on December 28 quite likely, and it will bring the new MIUI 13 along with it. The logo of the new version of the operating system was leaked through Xiaomi’s Feedback application and continues the geometric design trend of version 12.

The MIUI 13 logo leaked
The old MIUI 12 logo

The leaked MIUI 13 logo • The old MIUI 12 logo

This was discovered by the team of Xiaomi user interface, who dug up even more about the upcoming update: videos showing some new features, also discovered in Xiaomi’s apps that were updated in preparation for the announcement.

The first few videos are about the home screen. The new Infinite scroll The feature cycles through the home screen panels, meaning when you get to the last one, the next swipe takes you back to n. 1.

Also, small widgets are now available. They were introduced in MIUI 12.5 beta, but they have not been enabled in a stable version yet. This is what they look like:

Finally, an update to an existing feature. What started out as the Video Toolbox and later renamed the Smart Toolbox is now called the “Sidebar”. This is how it will look on MIUI 13.

Xiaomi has been doing a rebrand this year, updating its logo and removing the “Mi” from the name of its premium phones. MIUI 13 will complete the new look of the company.

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